Golf Release Patterns to Learn for an Efficient & Repeatable Golf Swing – Improve Consistency

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The more release patterns we are able to recognise then the more variability we have at our disposal for our golf shots and the more repeatable our golf swing becomes as we're better able to recognise where we are in space. Seb felt he was putting too much effort into his swing for what he got out of it, so we went through a series of drills with the GRFi allowed his body to see what movement solution was potentially more optimal!

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual's own risk.

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Barrie Fitzgerald says:

When you do the feet on reality on grass with spikes on would that.Not cause few knee problems or is it a exaggerated movement while on the board

Chad says:

So good! Thanks

Leesters says:

I can’t believe that this information is free to pick up on YouTube! This channel is just pure gold! Ridiculously priced subscriptions to choose from out there, nothing compared to this! As a left handed person, starting off I mistakenly wasted 5 years trying to playing golf right handed until I discovered this channel. Trying to carry out the body movements/drills that Marcus and the team demonstrate, as a right handed player, I couldn’t never get. So I decided to switch to playing left handed last year, have been using the drills from the channel and have never looked back. Hitting the ball better now than I ever did and have created a level of consistency, some I never had playing right handed. No longer do I have 20 thoughts in my head during the swing, it just flows. Thank you Marcus and the team, your content is exceptional πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Q-Bits says:

I feel like he focuses way too much on the downswing, like most golfers do. They should really focus more on the backswing than on the downswing (with the hip and weight shift and also spending some time there instead of immediatly throwing the club for the downswing). In the downswing we should just react instead of thoughtfully "initiating" it with force.

Soupy Twist says:

Brilliant! This is exactly my problem, so gives me something to work on πŸ‘πŸ»

padraig cullinane says:

Brilliant as always. Any chance of a vid focussed on fairway woods?

oloneadrian says:

Can I ask what are the golf shoes Marcus recommends please

Andrew Matlock says:

Practised this drill this morning before hitting the course. Some of the shots felt effortless. Probably going to need a bit of practise to groove in the timing of the release. Thanks Zen!

Stevie says:

It amazes me how we learn to play golf. These movements are totally natural if you let the club release outwards like in baseball. In that game our focus is on hitting outwards, in golf we get so caught up in trying to copy a video and be in control of the club that our intention and the direction of momentum gets lost, and so does the natural kinetic sequence. It’s crazy this game, I know it’s difficult at first but by learning the wrong intent of a golf swing will set people up for a lifetime of misery

Trebor says:

Around 10:40 when I try this I get stuck and it hurts my left knee. Should that come with a sit with the left hip moving away from the ball rather than towards it?

Neil S says:

Awesome lesson!

markdehne says:

For those, who doubt that Marcus can also teach Pros!

Wes in sarasota says:

These videos have helped my game so much!

Timothy Duggan says:

What is the rotational device being held in the hands?

Simmo says:

That lesson is specific to this chap Seb.

jbrough60 says:

Good video πŸ‘πŸ» , shocking sock , trainer combo πŸ₯ΊπŸ€£

Timmy Gasman says:

That was my biggest feel. I had so much time and felt I could swing as fast as I wanted.

Brent says:

Great insight! I focus too much on low point that I neglect my lower body energy. Adding that extra flex makes such a difference.

Mr Kipling says:

Brilliant info. Thanks gents.

N2GOLF says:

Great content again!πŸ‘. Can you please give some content on the little forward press with the knee and feet at address before you take the club back? Primary what the feel and pattern is. Thanks MateπŸ™Œ

Reapswtf says:

I have a 3hr lesson booked for 2 weeks away with the big boss man, do you still use the trackman and force plates? Really interested to know what to expect Thanks!

Sean Murray says:

The best in the biz, period! Anyway I can become Zen instructor from Florida?

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