we play the GOLF COURSE WITH NO RULES giving money to kids golf

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In this video, we play a golf course with no rules! And to make things more interesting, we're giving money away to juniors. Who will be the lucky winner? Watch and find out!

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Marco De Colle says:

Simply Fantastic

Harley Mitchell says:

Love what you are doing with the kids mark and coach. Also love the no dress rules, I wish more clubs realised how stupid it is.

Jeffrey Trigger says:

This is what golf should be. Not stuffy. Not slamming 50 beers. Just a fun day.

Rob Biles says:

Nice of you two to throw off so the boys could win. What's that honey…….. really……. but they're Pros.

jeff bates says:

Mark great video loved it

nick cassidy says:

Great video Mark. 👍🏼

Jeffrey Ewing says:

This is an amazing series Mark, love what you’re doing for junior golf. These young men and women will always remember the fact that you spent the time with them !!

Gary says:

Woodlands golf and Country club in Bristol you can wear what you like. 36 holed full courses. Nice place to play golf. £22 a round.

Dollar Bill Clinton says:


gary artingstall says:

Kudos to Mark and Matt. This was a great video. You guys are funny together.

Jerry Smiley says:

Enjoying the content.

AVDFI1961 says:

Amazing young talent!

Richard Davey says:

Congrats to the lads and to Anders, wish him well with his venture. I had the pleasure of having lessons with him, way back when I lived in Northants 👍

RoadToScratchGolf says:

Nice playing, Archie and Brenden. Money well spent. You don’t mind losing for a good cause. We need this type of academy here in the states. I know we have the 1st Tee, just don’t know if it works in a similar fashion. Cheers.

Jeremiah McLane says:

Just a great, class, series for the channel, you guys are just awesome dudes, and I need more buggy time, thanks for the content Muppets!

Martin Swadling says:

Great video, lads played beautifully, and the gallops sounds like a brilliant initiative.

Master Guru Follower says:

I was watching this match on the day (old fat man in the grey muppet tour t shirt) and Archie and Brendan played amazing, very impressed with how they played, didn’t get put off with the chirping from the opposition. I play at Leicester golf centre and it’s a great 9 hole course. Anders Mankert and Tom James and the rest of the team have done an amazing job getting the course looking so good! Lots juniors play here and fingers crossed many more will play, my 9 year old daughter gets coached by Tom! And last of all it was a great pleasure to finally meet Mark and Matt, the 2 nicest people you will meet, both helped Archie and Brendan with advice throughout the match! #MuppetTourIsTheBest

David Reid says:

Branden is an absolute player. I hope he keeps it up. Destined for a Major

David Reid says:

Archie and Branden are great players. Branden would wipe the floor with me. Love to see Mark and Coach with these youngsters. Absolutely fantastic stuff

Guy Brown says:

Great course. Great idea. We have a couple of courses like that where I live🏌️‍♂️
Guy Canada 🇨🇦

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