Weight Shift Made REALLY Easy | Golf Lesson

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Are you struggling with golf's #1 swing fault?

If you know that you are capable of hitting the ball further and straighter, then you must see this simple weight shift drill and start putting the speed back in your game.

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Jean Cushner says:

very clear instruction and easy to follow..

Come2morrow says:

Great Video!

Cathy Berg says:

excellent advice and it really helped.

Joel Henderson says:

Great vid! Does this create a sway forward? (and if so is this a problem?)

Robert Bernard says:

You should have hit a few balls to show us novices the finished result as opposed to just yakking about it.

Yelnik McGwawa says:

This IS the magic move. Look around the muni range. You might find one person out of 50 that does it. It's the only efficient way to compress the ball. Haney, Hardy, McLean, Clampett, Hogan, Leadbetter all express the importance of this move to initiate the downswing. Do it and get the fuck out of my way on the course and look a little more athletic to me at the range for fuck sake.

Russ White says:

Great video! Should I be shifting my weight to the left heel to trigger the downswing and then a split second later consciously have my torso turn, or do I not consciously have my torso do anything on the downswing. Not using my arms in the swing is completely foreign to me – it's very logical and I can't wait until Spring comes to try it on the course….here in Ontario

Rocco Spaccio says:

been playing 50 years and this is a great tip and reminder….thank you

Ter Roth says:

PLease please please don't say "Go ahead and…."—just say the statement.

Pastor Ray Elliott says:

my first time with this training aid, I like it because it offered to me my understanding of what I was doing wrong looking forward to the practice of this drilling
thank you

Golf stuff says:

Those 1500 reps only took me three hours to finish. So tired now…..

nkost88 says:

Can the left knee "cave in" towards the the right knee in the backswing or should it stay straight, more in line with the left foot?


Very good drill has help so much in my golf game

AFL Player Highlight reels says:

Great drill thanks a lot!!

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