What GOOD Golfers See When they Swing

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Have you ever wondered what a good golfer sees and feels when they are swinging the club? In today's video we take a look at the swing from overhead so you can get a better understanding of how the club moves through impact to generate the maximum power and consistency in your golf swing.

We'll take a look at some of the most common amateur mistakes, and help you correct your golf swing for better contact and lower scores!


M QR says:

Wow.. This has to be one of the best golf tutorial videos I’ve ever seen. Truly shows the swing path and hand positioning through the entire swing. Awesome video.

gbblues48 says:

Since I took up golf 6 years ago I’ve been trying to fathom the correct swing path of the club. Pity I hadn’t seen this video on day one as it would have saved me a years of negatory effort and fruitless experimentation. Despite watching hundreds of hours of tuition videos shot horizontally it never occurred to me that the club moved in this way. I fear I would never have twigged it had I not stumbled into this overhead view. Thanks Zach.

NeilG says:

Excellent video, the overhead view is a real eye opener, I finally understand the correct path of the club as I see it 👍

StevieBoy says:

Y. A. W. N.

Tom Morgan says:

You are the best instructor. Keep it simple, right? I have introduced you to a lot of my friends.

Marcel Williams says:

Sub’d 🤙🏾😎

Kenny Kim says:

This is it.

Shane McEachern says:

Great work Zach…

Bre Xit says:


Michael Ionita says:

Great video.

c5back9 says:

My only concern with this lesson is it focuses heavily on the hands. Hand position is critical for sure, and in this lesson we see clear visuals to relate where the correct positions should be, but it fails to explain that the hands will automatically be in the correct position IF set up, grip, posture, etc. are all correct, and if one turns the forward shoulder under in the back swing and then focuses on turning the back shoulder under in the downswing with the hands finishing high. Keeping the back elbow tucked toward the back hip during the back swing is the best way to learn how to turn the shoulders properly. And focusing on keeping the back elbow tucked toward back hip while swinging through the impact zone will cause the hands to approach the ball from the inside through the impact zone and afterward back to the inside again. If the fundamentals are all correct, and you swing with the forward shoulder and forward hand working properly in tandem to control the swing, the path will be correct automatically.

Michael Singh says:

Hi Zack, I am working with the same stuff with my swing. I have a tendency of pull my right elbow to in causing me to be flat with the backswing, I remedying that by keeping my elbow in front of my body. But my problem has been heel hits and open club face, with my irons I do get some draws and straight shots, but my driver is where my bad shots are slices , good shots are straight, will pull some shots also.
Do you try to close the club face aka bowing your wrist more during the swing.

Adrian Borg says:

I would have watched more than 30 seconds of this video if you wore a camera on your head, because I want to see what good golfers see when they swing, not what a bird see's them do when they swing. You're addressing a perception problem in bad golfers by giving them another imperceptible angle to look at the swing.

Out of the Blue says:

I am more interested in what I see after the swing! All I see during the swing is that blade of grass just in front of the ball. The rest is out of focus and of no concern.

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