WHAT Happened To Team USA!? Ryder Cup 2018 Review

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WHAT Happened To Team USA!? Ryder Cup 2018 Review
In this video we look at how the 2018 Ryder Cup was won and what went wrong for a, on paper, stronger USA team who were outclassed by team Europe in Paris at Le Golf National

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Mark Sims says:

A thrashing, an absolute thrashing. America has three of the four majors, WE have the RYDER CUP!! European golf can only get stronger from this, I can see a european win at the masters next April, plus a few european victories on the PGA also. Plus Justin Rose won the Fedex Cup, another scalp. Things are bright, the future is blue. blows a kiss to Seve

Don Harrold says:

https://youtu.be/r7TV5KXLNAY interesting perspective from Gary Player

taistyveg says:

Awesome just Awesome.
Hats off to Thomas and the whole Europe team.
I think the next one is going to take nasty to a whole new level. Especially if we have a repeat result.

MacAverage says:

Furyk made bad decisions in terms of wild cards and pairings for each format. Some simply baffling.

Tiger's body language, lack of passion, team spirit and not even being able to put a smile on his face must have sucked the life out of the team room.

The yanks didn't play enough practice rounds and are not used to tough courses (good move from Bjorn).

Europe on the other hand were a 'team', got a lot out of the captain's picks and brought their A game.

Tiger almost always ends up on the losing team. What does that tell you?

jack blake says:

Wouldn't it be logical to say that most of the Europeans play in the USA and are on equal terms when playing this course… Also surely team USA come and play a number of rounds of golf to familerise and prepare for the tournament…
This us the first time of heard about all this whinging..
It comes to mind that here in Europe we don't have courses like the ones in Arizona, Florida or even Saudi or Abidabi etc???

Ken Attaway says:

Extremely happy that the European team won…team was comprised of players with the most class…plus the most desire….US team? Too egocentric….with personalities like Patrick Reed, they have no chance of being a cohesive team….

Lee Neale says:

the americans always struggle on Lynx style courses, I think its showed over the weekend

Glenn Middleton says:

I had Team Europe to win, the course was set up for them, Americans just don't play on these sort of courses week in week out. The Foursomes were a disaster for the USA 6-2 and it hurt.

John Monteagudo says:

I root for America but they need to start focusing on less on distance and more on accuracy and keeping it in the fairway.

JR says:

I am an American, a golfer and I have gone to watch PGA Tour events. The reason the Americans did not play well was very simple. They have allowed themselves to be spoiled rotten by the PGA Tour course set ups. The landing areas for the drive is huge and the rough has almost no effect on the upcoming approach shots. The trees lining the fairways are trimmed up to at least 30 feet like telephone poles so that nothing but the very top of the trees is left. There is no shrubbery or grass of any kind under the trees. Instead, they spread nice fluffy pine needles so that the ball may as well be teed up. If you go into the trees on your drive it is 95% sure that you can still put the ball on the green. The bunkers are crazy easy to play out of. They fill the bunkers with a mixture of sand and cat litter so that all of the moisture is absorbed yet the solid base will not allow a ball to plug. They are sculpted so that any ball that enters a bunker rolls down to a perfectly flat and level surface. I have played in these 'bunkers" and I was stunned by how easy it was to play perfect shots out of them. They are NOT hazards. The greens may be contoured but they are as flat as a pancake around the holes and the grass is cut in a way that will not allow the ball to run out. Watch a PGA event and you will see the ball roll for 30 feet at almost the same speed the whole way but just as the ball gets near the hole it's like someone inside the ball just slammed on the brake pedal. It's ridiculous. Then they go to France and the golf course has real bunkers and real rough and the Americans are totally lost and haven't a clue as what to do. They don't know how to ease up on a driver because they never have to do it in the USA. None of this is the players fault but they know that their courses are set up for scoring and they like it that way. Well, okay, then stop complaining about the course set up in France because THAT was a real golf course and not the mini golf that they play here in the States.

TJ Shine says:

Was that you behind Poulter next to the guy with the orange wig on?

Donald Ganley says:

It was great fun even though “we” lost. Congrats to the Europeans; they were great. Seems to me the crowd and fans were exemplary! Would love to see a re-do next week on the same course, just to see what would happen. So yes, wish it were an annual event. We’re all in this together. Thanks, Peter!

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