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Rick Shiels tests the NEW TaylorMade P760 Irons full review


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: Are golf clubs getting too expensive? How much were your set of irons?

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Clint Wilber says:

Taylormade seems like they're looking to compete with PXG for price

jballoregon says:

The production on this video says, "I've spent time filming at the Golf Channel and I learned a thing or two". Keep evolving Mr. Shields the sky is the limit.

Damien daly says:

Wow $1300 can only imagine the price here in Australia

Andy Titcomb says:

Speed foam ??? what’s next speed grips were running out of speed things, groves, pockets, channels, slots ….

plusfour1 says:

Crazy prices in the UK. P760's aren't in the stores in Canada but the P790 is listed at CAD$1449 for 7 clubs which converts to 848 pounds. Mizuno MP18's are the same price

David Conatty says:

Not sold on the look of them other than the polished chrome. And guess what? The way they look has absolutely nothing to do with how they preform. And also guess what? The way they preform is solely based on the caliber of golfer, swinging and striking the ball, behind it. Love your reviews Rick! Keep this channel growing sir!

Team 99 Sports says:

Yes they are getting to expensive. My set was 12 hundred dollars. I would think making the price point lower would get more people involved.

william ismael jr says:

Set of irons were $1,500. Clubs in general are getting very $$$.

codename duchess says:

Yes clubs are getting way to expensive. We are almost at $600 for a Driver forget $1300 for a set of irons that i could almost justify. At least you get 90% of your bag for that price. But $130 wedges and $550 Drivers $350 fairway metals. No thanks i will keep my 2016 clubs

G RITArita says:

Hey rick. That price is insane. I hate how they price it at 1300 and within the next few months they bring out another set of irons

jo barbs says:

very nice irons,i hope the next p model will be construction whit ,(speed slot,face slot,speed foam,)forge face ect

TZOID08 says:

Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy , Jason Day , Justin Rose , John Rahm all appreciate those of you that pay the Taylor Made prices. They are why the prices are out of control. I'll pass…………

Be TheBall says:

730s are going out too.

Matthew Webb says:

Nice review rick. Thanks for bringing up how expensive golf clubs are getting and is it worth it. I’m thinking I’ll stick with srixon irons. Pretty much the same quality for way less

Zach Thomas says:

They are also $1700 here in the U.S.

Zach Thomas says:

I think they’re getting expensive, but with newer technology, the more they will charge.

Michael DeMonica says:

Mizuno mizuno mizuno – last 3 sets over about 15 year span – just replaced mp-60 with 919 tour – they also dont nickel and dime you for shafts grips – +1/2 inch 0.5 up modus tour 105 – mmc plus 4 grips all no charge upgrades – 6 days from fitting to delivery!! Btw – hit the 919 forged all over the place – forget game improvement – get clubs that provide feedback so you figure out how to consistently hit the middle

Hunter Spiri says:

Funny you mention the offset on the long irons. I recently switched from Titleist 712 MBs to 718 AP2s. I don’t play as much golf as I used too so I made the switch to a cavity back iron but am really struggling getting used to the offset in the long irons. Doesn’t suit my eye at all!

Jason Myers says:

Not sure if anybody else caught this but at 1:55 you have the 5i listed at 23.5* which I assume is a typo. As for the irons, I find them hideous looking ha.

Jason Van Dang says:

Do you think that tour players will be putting these in the bag?

Allen Smith says:

These irons and the mizunos look absolutely fantastic.

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