What Would It Take to Birdie Every Hole?

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20 thoughts on “What Would It Take to Birdie Every Hole?

  1. You’re re so inspiring. Thank you for all the free content you upload to help the community. Love your advice. Truly appreciate it ????

  2. Becoming my favourite channel because you're a pro talking through your mindset whilst playing. 7 birdies in 9 is insanely good. I shoot between +17 and +30 and today i hit 6 pars in a row. 8 pars 1 birdie in the round. I felt like a god coming off there even though i still shot 87.

  3. You know part of the reason she’s so good has to be something in her mindset, which thinks, “Why can’t I get 9 birdies? What’s holding me back?” after making 6 birdies in 8 holes in a pressure situation.

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