Why You Should Try THIS Jordan Spieth Putting Method

This Jordan Spieth putting drill has worked for many golfers I've helped coach and it could work for you too!

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Jordan Spieth's putting has been a major part of his success on the PGA Tour. These putting drills are inspired by his approach and technique with the flat stick and could show you how to putt better in golf. Give them a try and hopefully they'll help improve your putting performance!

10 thoughts on “Why You Should Try THIS Jordan Spieth Putting Method

  1. Ive been using the 2nd technique my whole life. I thought this was common. You just find the line. Then find a spot on the line about 1 foot in front of the ball that is on your original line. If you hit that spot and have correct line, in theory the ball goes in everytime.

  2. I've tried putting while looking at the ball and I've never been able to do it. I've had much more success just looking at my target while making my putting stroke.

  3. I've found that for some reason my rolls are so pure using this method. End over end rolling and the pace control on longer lag putts are insanely good!

  4. I have a BIG problem,,, and I can't find a good video to cure it,, here it is. HOW to putt in windy days, 20 to 30 gust,I HATE WINDY PUTTS! any ideas?

  5. Where do I get myself one of those laser line projectors/simulators? Don’t even know what they are called to search but hoping there’s a basic one that produces a line as a putting aid, seems a great idea.

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