Which Launcher XL Driver is Right For You? | Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf ambassador Mark Crossfield returns to help walk you through the new line of Launcher XL Drivers. Crossfield goes in-depth on the Launcher XL Driver, Launcher XL Lite Driver, and the Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver to see which one of these new drivers is perfect for your game.


6 thoughts on “Which Launcher XL Driver is Right For You? | Cleveland Golf

  1. Bought the XL Lite, 12 degree, Regular flex. My swing speed is 82 to 84 mph with the driver due to disability. Had it cut to 44.75. Best driver by far! Ball speed, launch angle improved along with adding 15 to 20 yrds total. Wouldn't have considered one without this review. Thank you!

  2. Would have tried those if they were available at the time when I was being fitted for the Srixon.
    Waiting for the fitter to contact me when the cleveland fairway woods are available as they are a better option than Srixon for the price. Would like to have seen a review on them but none at the moment .

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