Why I Make THIS Move Off The Ball

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Quest for the Open – Vlog 2 – Season Four – In this video we look at a question I get asked sooooo much! Why and what is the initial move off the ball in my swing

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Peter Finch Golf says:

Some peeps have a serious hat fetish here ? thanks for watching guys and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe, see you back here tomorrow for another video!

Prince Obaid says:

Your swing works for me just fine!
I have been using your swing for almost a year and haven't hit a bas shot ( in terms of strike )

Boon Kiu Yip says:

Copy phil mickelson?

Dan McManus says:

11 minute video covering the thumbnail topic for 60 seconds

carl shipsky says:

Founders Club & Goldwin …. staples in my bag back in the 90's

Mark Samuel says:

Hello Peter, would you believe I do that take a way also! I have been doing that for about 8 years! No I have not copied you lol I wish I would with a swing like yours! Next time I go in the Simulator I will video my swing and will show you. Love you videos!!

john .nolloth says:

If you watch Lydia Ko when she was winning everything, her takeaway was the same, or very similar. When David Leadbelly was her coach he had her doing his A swing thingy, keeping the arms and club in front of the body on the takeaway, sort of !

Wild Golf addict says:

I make the same take away to stop me getting too flat
Nothing wrong with your swing ??

Jeffrey Bodine says:

No offense , but for a guy who eats , sleeps , deficates golf , that takeaway looks pretty hacky no matter what the reason is …. Time to rebuild your whole swing Peter , a guy your size should be able to hit the ball much farther … No efficency in that swing

Gareth Elliott says:

Started lessons in last year and was advised to start takeaway with same move as had a habit of taking clubhead too far inside too quickly.

Take away thought now is to start slightly outside with butt of grip pointing toward left trouser pocket until shaft is hip high/parallel to ground.

Improved irons/pitching greatly, but occasionally find I’m very out of sync with driver-too upright/too outside/not enough weight on right side.

matthew madalone says:

Pete are you still friends with Rick? Not many vlogs of you guys lately

Nick Petersen says:

Whats the update on the M5 3 wood?

kimchicracka says:

Those hats are like what Jasper Parnevik wears but just not flipped up as high. Why don’t you ask adidas to make you one of those? ?

Matthew Dicks says:

Matt Kuchar has a similar (although much more subtle) first move. Karrie Webb did it too. There's an Aussie tour pro, Matt Millar, who makes Pete's first move look positively conventional. It's wildly up and out. So there's no doubt it can work. I can see that it might help prevent the shoulder turn getting too steep on the way back. Could also help avoid early extension because you have to go "back down" to the ball in transition, which requires the hips to stay deep.

Jun Schrimpf says:

bro… you look WAY better without the glasses

EdgeMasterrLoL says:

those Addidas shirts are amazing! I own one and its my fav. Very strechy and confortable to play in colder conditions

Byron Bruce says:

Pete, after watching several of your videos I've incorporated this take-a-way in my swing. I feel like it helps me with the "one piece take-a-way" and helps me get my hands set correctly at the top. Also, it keeps me from flipping my club inside the swing plane. Thanks for the vids and I hope 2019 is a great year for you.

Gilberto Ayala says:

Think it's safe to say Dan has the best hair on YouTube. Great vid bubba. Cheers

adam lawrence says:

I don't understand why people find that first move so offensive.lol. Would be interesting to see some of the swings of people moaning about it! Your channel is way better than Rick's. So keep up the good work.

Jeff Shawver says:

Thank you for the explanation on your takeaway or I should say Dan and just face it bro you're not a hat guy. Sorry 🙂 Baseball caps or not your forte. Try a bowler, driving cap or maybe a fedora. Those could just be the ticket! You never know.

Nolan T says:

Oh goodness. Wear a flat bill cap if you want to wear one. Don’t listen to the fashion advice of guys who probably wear golf shoes with tassels, khaki shorts with 3 pleats, and a polo shirt from the dollar store on the course thinking they’re the epitome of style. Fowler, DJ, Finau, among others all wear flat bills. You’re in good company. You do you.

samartin94 says:

Great vid Peter! Always enjoyed your takeaway!

action figure says:

Love, Love, Love, the top view…….You can see plane, wrist, arms, everything. Please keep the C stand.

Jason Brandow says:

Hey Peter, I know you don’t do shootouts to often, but I could use your expertise. Trying to find ball height and distances between Cobra Utility iron and the One Length Utility iron vs hybrid and One Length hybrid. Help!

David Bozic says:

I've always admired your first couple of feet of takeaway. It's a good lesson for people who pull their hands to the inside and never have ANY width coming down through impact.

Bill Collie says:

I use my drone to film overheads.
I think I might have been one of the first to" ask the question" and I have to say I never said I didn't like it and you explained it back then the same way he did on the video

Brian Minnotte says:

Looking forward to the next FSX skills challenge! That swing is so $$$$$

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