The Golf Swing You NEED To Try

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The Golf Swing You NEED To Try – The Moliwood – In this video we look at how to combine the very best parts of Francesco Molinari and Tommy Fleetwood into a pretty awesome swing before heading out onto the golf course for the Moliwood Test!

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Danny Santiesteban says:

Awesome content!

Paul Anthony says:

Thanks Pete for this video. I like the fact that you are giving us the course management as well.

The Average Golfer Sway Baez says:

I was doing the fleetwood finish today In practice and I was hitting them straight as an arrow. But lost about 2 mph swig speed. But It was great to see the control on clubface. I loose to much speed with the driver though doing It. Probably why fleetwood doesn’t do It with the driver either.

J4MSEVU89 says:

Pete… what the hell! The sawn off tommy finish is a joke… the strike, instantly better, ball flight, more consistent, dispersion, rescued. Ok, I only tried this at the range through 60 balls and need to take that to the course but initial tests prove to be very exciting for me. I play off 16 and my long game is what generally gets me into trouble.

It’s not a pretty swing, but if I hit more FIR and GIRS that’s the aim right….

John Lysic says:

This was pretty interesting indeed. I have a “target golf” swing but it sacrifices a lot of distance leaving me with long irons & hybrids in to the green. When I turn up the swing speed my accuracy consistency suffers. Fleetwood & Molinari combo swing? Looks like a great idea to me. Thank you

KyleMcGyle says:

Good Lord Mr Finch!

If I add all these points to my game I'll be over 100 in no time…

Joe Ruotolo says:

Pete, I’m a new “golfer” and your videos have been super helpful, this video gave me one of those hole shiza moments. Wouldn’t mind seeing a more detailed breakdown of this swing with some more drills.


Adam Witmer says:

Wow. Could you ask for a better video? Superb

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

Very interesting test and well played. Fleetwood swing is very body dominant so i'm not sure is it good thing to try to keep stable lower body at same time. To me it looks they are two different styles. Fleetwood is very body dominant swing and almost holding release. Molinari has more free arms swinging action and he let the club release. I'm 12hcp and i actually take lesson pro who teach very body dominant swing (maybe stack and tilt) I can hit ok shots but i hit one club shorter and it feels hard to my body. Now im back my old "Molinari" style ?

John Jones says:

interesting video.. defo monlinari for me in terms of quieting down on the footwork front….

James Kitchen says:

Can you explain again your pre shot routine with that practice swing….what type of feels are you looking for? It looks really awkward and borderline painful but you are obviously looking for some type of feel….just wondering what it is.

Greg Williams says:

I recommend you play a little more like Molinari, that shot on the simulator!!!!! ??

Matthew Ng says:

Tried this swing for the first time today. Omg! Completely changed my game and I think I'll be sticking to it from now on. Shots are more predictable, didn't slice the ball once. Just nice little draws and straight shots. Loving the Moliwood!!! ???

De banaanenma M says:

Does it takes off some distance ?

Jesse Young says:

Molliwood ?? def trying this swing though, been looking for something to slow me down some

Andy Harris Golf says:

Nice editing Pete!

ajaytuk says:

that's not a molonari takeaway 😉

Diarmaid O Leary says:

That is a fantastic idea Pete! Great way to make a round more interesting! From training with the swingyde I find myself having a bit more of fleetwood finish(all be it a poor version ?)…definitely gives more control

sean o reilly says:

Great vid peter, have been doing fleetwoods hold off finish, helps me control ball flight. When next course management vlog? They are superb

Matthew Mulcahy says:

Not using ts driver

bruce benzie says:

Hey Peter, love the show, realising now that I use that swing when I'm having a bad swing day, genuinely never realised that is a way to keep more control. Strategy is a big problem for me as I want to hit it as fast(speed of swing) as I can when I can, I felt you gave great pointers as to strategy in this one, thanks!

Johnny Meech says:

that was awesome!!!!

Michael Schmidt says:

Majority of the public can not play with quiet feet because they have far less flexibility than the tour guys.

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