Zach Johnson Golf Swing: How to Get Extension

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Zach Johnson Golf Swing: How to Get Extension (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor)

Zach Johnson is one of the most consistent players on the PGA Tour. He seems to pick up a win or two every year and finish in the top third of the money list without amazing distance or incredible trick shots. So how does he do it?

In this video we will go over how your right ankle can be a key to your consistency. And how it is related to how much your hips rotate in the downswing.

We will also go over how extension with the arms can help improve your consistency with the proper angle of attack and increase speed through the hitting area.

PLUS: you will learn a tip to help save your back.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future.

Clay Ballard



Pukees01 says:

His Dad is a chiropractor, wouldn’t you think he would know a thing or two
about how to prevent the injuries you suggest he might get? I understand
why Zach himself says ….”Don’t believe the commentators” ….Just a
thought. He’s a proven winner who doesn’t fight physics in his swing. A

Ryan Salamone says:

brilliant video. extension is so important. its everything ~ Golf Instruction says:

Thanks Timo! ~Clay Ballard

Timo Toivonen says:

really nice video, thank you. great tips for staying healthy.

BeerandGolf says:

The videos are great but I feel there are so many things to think of. What
top 3 tips would you say a mid 80’s handicapper needs to pay attention to
to get maximum distance and ball striking? Golf Instruction says:

The Wide Narrow Wide video is the best for an overall swing shape. If you
become a master of this drill, you will have a solid golf swing. Good Luck
BeerandGolf! The title of the video is How to Get More Distance in Golf: 3
Steps to Lag and Distance. You can click the link from there to watch the
full video.

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