Awesome Tiger Woods | Golf Clinic | “2004” (FR)

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(1080P – 50FPS) Golf Clinic by Tiger Woods at Central Park in 2004, prior to the American Express Tournament. Tiger shows us how to perform all his golf shots step by step very simply. Simply the best…

Golf Clinic par Tiger Woods à Central Park en 2004, avant le tournoi American Express. Tiger nous montre comment effectuer tous ses coups de golf étape par étape très simplement. Simplement le meilleur…


smart water says:

Best players uses Blade irons they are the best

G Sal says:

"putting to the picture"


Rye Alan Ulrey says:

212 yards with a 4 iron wow i can get about 200 or 204 maybe with a 4 iron in wgt lol

Master Squider says:

In 2007 I betted a guy $500 that I could flop a golf ball over him with a 56 degree SW without hitting him.

Jesse Duncan says:

Tigers back!!!!….. Its broken … Spinal

CrushOfSiel says:

@5:44 incoming knee injury right there. I modeled my swing after this awesome man and we both ended up with jacked up backs and knees. It's wonderful to play with a swing like that but you won't last long (Hey i looked like him but I definitely never played like him lol, at my best I got to a 3 hdcp) :(. I now try to channel Fred Couples, even then I get sore backs and knees after time at the range or a round.

AZ music says:

I keep sayin' Tiger is the Babe Ruth of Golf, he got so many of us playing that never would have if not for him.

Bob Marley says:

Quality Video So interesting

Raoul Duke says:

Check Swing…..his dad taught him that and its awesome……..

mike mandeville says:

adjacent segment syndrome — excessive force applied to the discs above/below a spinal fusion. Likely to catch him quickly going at it like he does and with the number of reps needed to play at a high level.


The era when audiences just sat, watched and listened without all holding their phones up to take pictures.

EM #1 says:

Did tiger say he usually hit an 8 iron 150 yards? I can hit it 150-155 and yet my driver is only around 250. There must be something wrong with me LOL. Tiger trying to be humble.

Mitch Yosh says:

He is so mentally strong

LG1031 says:

"anything under par and you've beat the golf course"…..I've never beaten a golf course.

Jeff says:

Just Pure, Raw Talent

Rektspresso says:

Does anyone know who the guy asking the questions on the other mic is? Whoever it is really sounds like Mike Tirico but I doubt it's him

Nicholas M says:

Thanks for this!!!

Patrick Swayze says:

I've talked to the staff at Torey Pines,and they say he's a complete douchebag.It doesn't take away from the fact that he's one of the greatest golf players in our time.

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