TaylorMade M4 Driver tested Average Golfer

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Johnny Apple Seed says:

After years of creating absurdly over- lengthened Drivers, Taylor Made has finally figured out that the average golfer can't hit the sweet spot consistanly……Freakin Geniuses!!! …lol

Johnny Apple Seed says:

"Bull bunk", Taylor Made!!…..Just give me a shorter length Driver with a standard face, and some Impact Tape, and I'll do the rest….

I don't need clubs that manipulate, much like your marketing team…..

slalomdude68 says:

What shaft and flex did you use, thanks

Steve B says:

Hi Andy , 17 yards on the Ping g400 max !!!!

Andre Dylan says:

what balls did you use to do your testing, range balls?

Justin Stephenson says:

Swing speed up, ball speed up, carry distance up, dispersion way down. Andy it is time to ditch the old M2 and stick that M4 in your bag

TheGreatDadditelli says:

Looking forward to having a hit with the m4, have last year's m2 and absolutely love it, can see it being in the bag for the next couple of years unless I can see any significant change in my own numbers with another club. Cheers for the review Andy, great stuff

Robert Salazar says:

So I dont know if that helped? but I guess I thought there was a big break through with the new twist face… not what i was expecting thank you.

Richard T says:

Can't you just use your old gear for the view of your ball flight and trackman for your data? Just a suggestion.

Howie Land says:

Great test and fantastic numbers! Yes, it would be nice to have proof of Twist Face's benefit.

KJR says:

Thanks for the video, so you’re saying the new M4 was carrying 247 for 272 total, and your last years M2 video your carry was 223, for a total of 247? So you’re carrying the M4 the same distance as your last year’s M2 total numbers, WOW! Tell us, have you signed with Taylormade? 🙂 A 25 yard carry improvement is pretty good —

madelyn Sigety says:

Great review as always but miss the ballflight visuals.

Barry smith says:

Another honest and great review keep up the good work⛳️?

Simon Southby-Ryland says:

Crushing it fella!

William Russell says:

Let's see a M4 vs F8+ vs Rogue head to head.

Ross Wayne says:

Andy you not show the ball flights during your testing any more

Steve Cottrell says:

Hi Andy. Great review as usual. Could you tell us which shaft you used and your thoughts on it. Cheers

Mike Cox says:

Great review-keep having days like this and you’ll need to change the channel to “the skilled golfer”.

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