15 Year Old Driver – Taylormade R510TP vs. M3

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http://txg.ca – How far has driver technology come in the last 15 years? Many golfers still play older clubs and wonder how much distance and performance they are giving up versus a new model. In this video we test the Taylormade R510TP against a new M3 driver to assess the differences in ball speed, forgiveness, launch angle and spin rate.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois


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Neeko Peeko says:

The Prototype R510DF was in a league of its own. As good as anything out there still for me. Was so far ahead of its time. Don't forget the R510 was the club that Tiger called illegal. The Prototypes were HOT HOT HOT.

sinemi3 says:

Still playing my R510 TP. Thank you for the video! I didn't expect the differences to be so great!.

Donnie Corrigan says:

What about the shaft, more tech in the shaft in the M3 ?

Alvin Mariteragi says:

Dang just give us the results

Nathan Smardenka says:

I love the video. Very interesting.

However, the one thing that I'm wondering is the "condition" of the old driver vs the modern one.

What I'm getting at here, more specifically, is this: Has the old driver lost its "pop" considering its likely been hit many times over as compared to the new driver?

If the old driver has seen a lifetime of +110 mph clubhead speed strikes to the face, has that face lost its "bulge and roll" and hence its pop?

To my understanding this is a possibility given the "cast" manufacturing processes of these heads. They can loose pop for the fast clubhead speed swingers withing a couple of years.

It would be even more interesting to see a brand new old tech driver versus a brand new current model one. Might be difficult to acquire tho…

88951s says:

Guys, I have a set of TM 200 irons, Ben Hogan CS3 Driver and TM 3&5 Rescue Fairway woods if you want to give them a go. I swear you guys used me as an example here. I have just upgraded my irons and looking into driver next. Let me know if you want to hit them.

Mj says:

I was playing my SLDR and went back to my R7 Taylormade my distance is about the same but my accuracy seems to be better.

studlypear05 says:

I recently upgraded to TM R580xd from a 25 year old junior set from when I was a kid. Definitely boosted my yardage from 240 to 270 and with a good roll out can reach 290. I think I need to upgrade because my hybrid 3 I can many times hit just as far as my 580xd driver. Ugh. ?

Bill Smyth says:

I would like to see the R7 vs today’s technology

Miguel Cortes says:

I just upgraded from the TM 580 to the Titleist TS3. I had the 580 in the bag for 15 years and hit it long and straight with an avg drive (garmin data) of 267yds along with my DCI 981 irons. I swore I would never get rid of it unless I found something that gave me the same accuracy with notably more yards. After a full bag fitting with a Titleist factory fitter all I can say is wow! I achieved more narrow dispersion with 20-25 yds further consistently. I will miss old reliable but time for newer and better.

PURP __x says:

my driver is 18 years old . Callaway big birtha 2 2002 release and i hit it as fine as any new one

miragejeff1 says:

Good to see a comparison with the 510TP. Would like to have seen the TP with a new model shaft and also teed higher. With that deep face it has to be much higher.

JB Schroeder says:

How far did you drive 15 years ago?

Drew Aquino says:

I still use this driver today. All my other clubs are updated except for this driver. . I hit it straight and I just like it.

Bob Nokley says:

Still have the R510TP with 747 Speeder stiff 9.5 have had it since new 15+ years. I still hit it as straight and a fade when I want to. But I have had open heart surgery actually a total of 10+ surgeries during the life of this driver so I have lost difference. I made some swing, ball etc changes still average 240+ with it. I just upgraded to the M3 440 9degree speeder 474 and picked up on average 10 yards but man do I miss the time of R510 was the single biggest gain in my golf game during my life time.


Would love to see Wilson fat shafts tested. Looking to replace mine just for comparison!!!

SuperBamagolfer says:

Still have my 540 3 wood

maxxsee says:

I still use the nike driver from 2002, how much further would I hit a modern driver?

Dmackett91 says:

Fantastic review. I have been on “hiatus” myself & can totally relate to not being familiar with the current market. This definitely goes to show the new stuff is well worth the money! Great stuff guys.

ccmorgan53 says:

I still use my r7 425 cc

dhsieh911018 says:

do an old vs new comparison with the SLDR!

Mange Larsson says:

When you tested the old driver it wouldve been interested if you tried with a Pro V1 from the same year. For a lot of golfers, like the ones who swing their driver at 80-90 mph the difference wont be that great.

Jared Fernandez says:

The R510Tp looks how I would almost expect Ian to hit a 3 wood from the tee.

Max Botticelli says:

I wanna see you compare it with a robot hitting

Elongated Musket says:

Titleist Balata vs Titleist Pro V1?

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