3 Golf Swing Tips that Cover 90 Percent of Golf Lessons

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Golf for Beginners: Use these 3 easy golf tips for beginners to help you learn golf swing basics, including a proper golf grip & golf setup, controlling your club face, and golf pivot.

Learn how to play your best golf today:

These 3 beginner golf lessons can account for roughly 90 percent of the golf essentials for beginners, and will have you learning how to golf in no time!

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Naseem Anwer says:

How to shift weight , I always trouble to shift weight and hit early results into slice or fade

Rick in Jax says:

I’m confused. You say the lean the upper body back (away from the target), and to put 60% of your weight on the lead foot. I don’t think that gravity will allow that to happen. You can’t put extra weight on the front foot if the center of body mass is leaning towards the back foot.

Dave Hill says:

I really struggle "taking it from the range to the course", particularly with my irons. I'm loose on the range, but then tense up, to my detriment when standing over the ball during the round. How can I make a successful transition to my round.

djdookie2000 says:

How did he do that with the glove and tee? Can’t visualize it

Paul Schieber says:

Thank you so much for these videos- Todd is such a great teacher! As a new golfer, the only swing I ever had was a baseball swing- I can tell my muscles don’t want to let go of that swing- this will take a lot of practice to make this new swing consistent

geraud crowder says:

Todd, this lesson is perfect. I have a problem staying balanced when I pivot. I am practicing your pivot drill in house and I noticed I not falling out of sync. Thanks

골미남 Golf MiNam says:

i m going to take a good look!!!! its good tips!!!!

Ed Goldthorp says:

I love simplicity.

Laura Burgoon says:

Awesome information I’ve been golfing for years and never was explained to me that way.

glen bates says:

Any suggestions for a seated golfer who can't pivot or get any hip rotation?

Rich Tonge says:

buy that man a handkerchief, must be hay-fever season.
Good tips though thanks.

Ken Kohl says:

Nice, succinct summary, thanks.

Glenn MacNaughton says:

Great video. Txs. I have a question. I am rt. handed but golf left. I continually have a slight hook to the right. I use a neutral grip and close my stance a bit to try and swing out to the left, but still get a slight hook to the right. Any suggestions?
Secondly, I get pain in my left hand (bottom hand) up and down the back of my last two fingers (ring & little) down to my wrist. Because I have arthritis in other parts of my body, I think this might be the cause of the pain. Its been suggested to me to, by an instructor, to get a bit bigger grip on my clubs, so my hand does not have to close as much. Any thoughts?

Michael DeCoudres says:

Great lesson and drills thanks!

Andrew Hoge says:

Now here are the 3 simple ones I can remember haha

Equinsu Ocha Bust Life says:

Everyone: big muscles in golf
Also everyone: don’t grip it in the strong palm but weak fingers

Parski says:

It’s actually FOUR tips:
1. Grip (in fingers)
2. Setup (weight left)
3. Clubface (bowed left wrist)
4. Pivot (left shoulder down)

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