3 Golf Tips to Crush Your Fairway Clubs! Plus a Golf Giveaway!

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Looking to hit your fairway clubs better? Do you top the golf ball sometimes? Then this video is for you. I will give you my top tips for hitting better shot with your 3 wood, hybrids and any other wood or metal you hit a golf ball off the ground with. Get more distance and make pure contact with these tips and drills.

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Zorbacci O says:

How to golf while you're tweaking:

Kevin Higgins says:

I top my 3 metal all the time. But when I hit driver off the deck (2x every round) I hit it better cuz I stay still. You just told me my spine angle changes on 3 metal, I believe ya! Thanks.

Jack Bellini says:

I’m still inconsistent with my 5 wood (only wood in the bag). I’m constantly hitting behind the ball. I guess I’m coming down too “steep” on the swing. Any ideas?

Gavin Craig says:

Will this hockey drill also help with early release? I think this drill will help me a lot since early extension has been a problem especially in the early holes of a round.

darrell pate says:

Amazing…. Ball position… Wow hockey drill… Holy smokes… Play Fades… I can't wait to see the results

Ol Hornytoad says:

? Some of your subscribers are too old to intagram. You are right about nothing good happening after 9pm though.

Mdmchannel says:

I like the Volvik balls. They seem different than most.

andy mark says:

To all of you multimillionaire golf instructors, BYE-BYE!. Nothing personal, but like my last girlfriend, I don't need you anymore. Have a nice life, love you, BYE-BYE now. I have found my true love.

Eric Hinojos says:

Hey great video Matt, I'd like the black one

Arnold Vongvirath says:

Matt, dude…you just save the world. Bring it on fairway wood.

Felipe Marmolejo says:

Is the ball position the same place as the long irons? or further up?

lovetogolf says:

Another excellent lesson..It looks like ur not staying home on the swing after you explained the 9 oclock..Great lesson as always!!!!

Dwayne Carlson says:

I love the hockey drill. Your the man

Jim G says:

Ball position advice was exactly what I needed!!!!

Jack Bellini says:

MSG, love the hockey drill, but “play the fade” is the key advise here. Thanks for the tip.

Zhongkhue Cha says:

Well explained! I hope my FWs demise will be a thing of the past. Thanks A Mil!

Changfa Wu says:

Good and simple instruction guide you to follow quickly and easily.

Stephen Thomas says:

Top tips can't wait to give them a go

Jim Jr44 says:

Mr. SGG, I know your in CA, but my sense is that your origins are somewhere back east, northeast. Why, rapid speech, hand gestures, extreme enthusiasm. Love the, 'you're doomed!" For some reason I'm guessing close to the city of brotherly love.Well, wherever you are from, I'm glad you are on youtube.

craig mitcham says:

just watched this and long iron video, cant wait to try them out on range, best golfing tips ive seen , nice one

Rod Daniels says:

Another great clip, will give it a go.

Rich Diorio says:

I lose a lot of distance when I play a fade! Having lots of problems pushing ball and suggestions?

dan3608 says:

Well done Matt…Love it…hey @mattallengolf…..I got a new coach….lol

Leo Espino says:

Great videos. I've been following your vids for awhile now. So much so that I'm putting together a 10×10 cage to hit balls in my back yard. By the way, I started using Volvik balls a year ago primarily because they're so easy to see. My golfing buddies were giving me grief about them. I ended up winning the tournament that day using those funny bright green Volvik balls. They respect them now, especially when I drive my ball 30+ yards past them.

Michael Brown says:

I just love this guy he's original, authentic n one of the most enthusiastic golf guys online.

Two of ur points I find extremely useful n will give them a go. The first is the hockey stick drill which really makes sense. The second I find very unique n even freeing n that is to only play a fade when working on this. I haven't heard anyone say that n for me it seems like the only time I can actually make quality contact with a fairway wood IS when the ball fades… given "permission", if u will, to do that is very liberating as indeed that would be a confidence builder for me.

Appreciate ur passion keep up the excellent work ??

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