Top Golf Tips for Hitting Your Driver Solid Every Time!

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Do you struggle hitting your driver on the sweet spot consistently? This video will help you learn how to fix hitting the ball too low, to high and too much on the toe of the driver. I give you the best driver golf tips so you can start hitting the center of the club face more often.

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James Pateras says:

How far should we bend down?

andy mark says:

I will never watch another trainerd video again. Matt is my man. Simple and doable…and fun. Thanks Mr. Shortgame. You are the best! Please don't stop.

Graham Bayliss says:

I love your teaching ,most enjoyable learning on the web , all the best from Kent in the uk

Antonio Astorino says:

Brillant , talented and very motivated to help us , thx from belgium

Ol Hornytoad says:

Maybe the most practical golf vid I have seen. Problem, cure, problem, cure…love it!

robert motea says:

Mr S, you’re a freak.. You manage to pack more into 15 mins of instruction than all the other golf instruction videos out there! More importantly you’ve almost fixed my ‘top of the driver’ shots! Thank You

Raymond Rodriguez says:

Can’t wait to go to the range now!!!!

Jeff Brennan says:

Its really easy….cut your driver down to 44.5 inches. No one needs to play a 45.5 inch driver…

Wayne D says:

Your videos are awesome. I have watched numerous other you tube golf videos that it really became confusing on the correct techniques as there was a ton of contradictions. Your explanation and teaching method as improved my game by 5 strokes in two weeks! I'm
hooked!! Thank you! My name is NOT
really now read..somehow in setup the computer must have used what i probably said out loud during setup.

Joe W says:

I do just fine with the driver until I try to get a few extra yards with it then I usually slice or hook it…

KDub says:

Scrolling the comments and see this loser @Whoami Foo comment 6 times just straight ripping on this guy because he has a lot of energy and is a great teacher. Get a hobby other than ripping on people. Better yet get a damn life you f-ing loser. We got it, you think he’s on drugs. You’re not funny

Wayne Kivi says:

Nice video that should be helpful to a lot of out there. I especially like the stand tall and the hockey drill for staying down.

Iubinter says:

One like = 1 driver

David Desjardins says:

You need to try it my way. LMAO , only play with one club. Maybe two, working on hozel angles so I can chip from the chair. No putting. Score is based on distance to the hole once on the green. When I played ablebodied golf, my hips were my biggest issue. I was over torquing the hips all the time. Now not so much. ROTF.

Rod Daniels says:

One of the best teaching clips I've seen. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I'm a little all over the place, toe, heel, middle. Do I just use the 2 parallel sticks to try to get consistency?

Grigsby Poland says:

I'm a senior golfer dealing with decreased flexibility and club speed so I really appreciate all of your videos directed at improving the game of us older players. When it comes to my driver, I have a natural tendency to drive my right elbow into my right side/hip during my downswing (which I believe is one of your suggestions if memory serves correctly) but I think it causes me to lock up so I have a really hard time getting the club face closed at impact which causes a fade or slice 80-90% of the time. I've tried the "turning the screw" method you described and recommended about 5 months ago but I jammed my right thumb so severely doing that I couldn't grip anything with it very well for about 4 months. It's now been 5 months since I tried that move and I still can't apply enough pressure to open a new jar of pickles with my right hand. Any suggestions about how to stop driving my elbow down and inside OR how to get my hands to turn over and close the club face in spite of that move? FWIW, I'm 5' 5 1/2" and have a wrist/floor measurement of 32" so I cut my driver down to 44" when I bought it and have subsequently had pretty decent success striking the ball when I choke down another 1".

Whoami Foo says:

Could be heroin

Whoami Foo says:

Crack heads can play golf too

Whoami Foo says:

Crack is bad ok

Whoami Foo says:

California is full of bums like you

Whoami Foo says:

Hey can you stop the drugs and then we can watch you.

Whoami Foo says:

Wow I watched the garbage ads and I wanna fight them when it comes to life.

Rob Pelinka says:

I wouldnt have subscribed if you never brought up the life saver thing and then you were chipping over your little inground pool hahahaaha.

You're fkn hilarious but the wildest part is… that your tips work so much better than anyone else's

fradaja says:

Keep your head still job done

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