5 Year Old Junior Golf Prodigy-Jaxson Perry shoots 1 over par 55 Kendleshire Par 3 Academy – Par 54

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d smith80 says:

One of the first child golfers I have seen who has a proper swing and stance

I Doohen says:

Would he be able to get a par four

Callum Woods says:

you have the same clubs of me

TheduckVoicee says:

:O He has skillz

Rick Camacho says:

Great swing he will be a great pro

xerxes hadrianus says:

So cute '! Hmmmm ……… keep going young man !

Andrew Dominick says:

better than i am and i am 22

S Essien says:

Awesome swing Jaxson!!! Keep working, your already a star. 🙂

Matt Ellis says:

Never seen a course with par 54 with any par 3's

Alan Chen says:

How long are the holes?

crosstgr1604 says:

very good swing. but maybe he gets a little too angry when he messes up.

Jake Kennedy says:

Better tan me and I'm 8

dubnessIII says:

This kid has no fear over his putts!! Hope he can keep that up

Joe S says:

I meant two flagsticks whoops

Joe S says:

How come there is two tees. Btw this kid has talent. He's way better than me

Joe S says:

Y doesn't he use driver off tee

MrDanglez67 says:

Nice vid he's good for his age

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