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In this video, Neil Tappin takes a look at 9 cool gear launches you might have missed. Having attending the PGA Show in Orlando (where manufacturers reveal their 2020 products), he selects a list of interesting new products he wasn't expecting to see. Everything from new tech and clubs to shoes and accessories are covered in this 9 cool 2020 gear launches video.

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Andrew Rubin says:

I assume that the Garmin is not approved for tournament play because of extras like the wind factor

Lisa Legros says:

Good video! GET READY FOR GOLF – Before you head out for the golf range, get your Practice & Progress printable to help your track your improvements throughout the golf season http://www.privategolfpro.ca/template.php

Time spent on the range is time well spent 😊

Peter Baader says:

With all that money spent on R&D I wonder why nobody invents a clever, easy to handle rain-cover for a trolley-bag that really works…

Neal Sead says:

Definitely interested in the Garmin 62 and the Adidas Chaos

Marc says:

I thought Callaway Mavrik will be selected, considering the IA conception for all clubs (drivers, woods, hybrids and irons) according to their lofts.
Honestly I don't see any product in this list who deserve to be spotlighted.

Bill Malec says:

Can someone explain to me why Brits consider a manufacturer name as plural?
"Honma have".
The company is a singular entity. Or are you considering a manufacturer and a collection of people and therefore 'plural' in that you're referring to the people that work there?
This 'have' always intrigued me.

Newman says:

Just my opinion, but the new woods and irons from Honma are not good looking. I believe they will continue to struggle in sales until they get a better looking club(s). Maybe grab a designer from a major brandname golf company. There is just something about them that resembles or reminds me of a "golf component" store. Nothing really professional looking and can tell its not a major brand name. Just low cost assembly parts. Also, the new Adidas designs look identical to baseball, football and soccer cleats. Yuck! Again, just my opinion.

Randy Mahony says:

I liked them all and was sorry to see the video end.

Scratch Golf Academy says:

Nice video guys love the products in this video. 👍

ollie hembrough says:

How much did they pay you for the ads?

Rayquaza says:

I like the adidas shoes

Marc Rudd says:

I like the idea of the s62 Garmin but I think will be out my price range

Kevin Wilson says:

Foresight trolley looks interesting.

Bandit Baker says:

Quick correction, the 500 sets of Mizuno Copper MP20's have all been sold to retail outlets, so they should be available….somewhere.

Stephen Fox says:

poor selection for the average golfer . most just for show offs with to much disposable money and 2 that we cant even get ?

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