Adam Scott Reveals the Secret to His Rhythmic, Powerful Golf Swing ??

Adam Scott’s swing might be the most admired on the PGA Tour. From setup to follow-through, his form is practically perfect. That’s why so many instructors use it as an example for their students. While you might not be able to replicate it entirely, there is one key you can easily copy to give your swing a boost…

How can we all swing little more like Adam Scott? When asked, rather interestingly, his advice had nothing to do with anything technical.

Scott says: “Find your own best swing rhythm”
“Getting into the technique of the golf swing is incredibly difficult and time-consuming, and most people don’t get the time to practice at all, so thinking about opening or closing the clubface is a big process,” he says. “It’s why I’ve always encouraged good rhythm.”

When asked about his secret to his silky swing. It’s all about good rhythm, he says.
“Inbee Park is my go-to. I have a tendency to get too fast on the backswing. When I feel that, I just go on YouTube and watch Inbee Park hit a couple of shots, then try to recreate that.”

It’s having good rhythm, Scott says, that will improve the timing, technique, and overall aesthetic of your golf swing.

“I think one of the things that can fool everyone into thinking that I’ve got one of the best swings is that it’s fluid, and that fluidity is based on a rhythm,” he says. “I’ve always thought my rhythm covers up the potential for more technical flaws.”

The key, he says, is for each golfer to develop “their own rhythm,” something that should feel natural and “easy” to repeat. Your swing might not be technically perfect, but Scott says having good rhythm will give a better sense of timing in your swing.

As for how you can do it? Scott offers a few suggestions.
“It could be a could, like a metronome in your head. It could be the feeling of shifting back and through,” he says. “It could be a like dance steps 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4.”

Scott has experimented with all of those, but for him, he needs a more visual cue. To keep his swing in rhythm, the player with one of the most aesthetically pleasing swings in golf actually visualizes copying other golfers’ swings.

“At different points in my career I’ve had different swings in my head. I’ve had specific images of Ernie’s rhythm that I’ve copied. Tiger Woods, of course, and Inbee Park is my go-to rhythm,” he explains. “Hers is so extremely slow in the backswing, and I have a tendency to get too fast. When it feels like that, I just go on YouTube and watch Inbee hit a couple of shots, then try to recreate that.”

Whatever method works for you, it’s good rhythm that’s the hallmark of a good swing. Find yours, and you’ll enjoy better shots, too.

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    2. Does anybody have a theory why a player with a swing as great as Adam has historically struggled so much to putt? I find it so interesting that Adam can have what seems to be the more complex motion down to a science but has never been comfortable over putts.

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