An Easy Way To Create an Inside Out Swing Path

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Put an end to that frustrating slice for good and add distance to your game. Discover the easiest way to get onto the right path on your downswing. Use THIS particular part of your body to stop delivering a glancing blow to the ball and start smashing it straight down the fairway!

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Turn Your Slice Into a Draw

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How to Easily Clear Your Hips in the Downswing

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Nate Rueter says:

Excellent, easy to understand instruction! Thank You!

Sal Valente says:

1 Week later update. Clay, I ha e used this technique for a week now and have eliminated my slice and hit the ball 30 yards farther!!!! My iron play is lethal, I don’t mis hit them anymore. Best tip ever, thanks so much again!!!

Slick Salmon says:

I love how these guys want you to get your hands inside after impact yet swing inside-to-outside.

Asap brook says:

Thankyou for this,. Feel like I owe you something .

Grant Wall says:

Preciate the tip

Sal Valente says:

Ok, I tried this yesterday and today. I was feeling so down about my swing lately and this TOTALLY CURED my swing!!!! I cant believe how much of difference this simple to implement tip changed my game. I am amazed!!!! My golf buddies were blown away at the transformation. My drives and irons were straight as an arrow and long! It took me a range session to get this down, but now that I have it I can see some great golf in my future! Thanks so much for your awesome videos!

LT says:

always great information , my question is will closing your stance be just as effective?

Hector Gudino says:

You da man!

Sal Valente says:

Oh my gosh!!! I am so glad I came across this video!!! I am struggling big time with out to in swing path. I cant wait to try this!!

Jayden Lawson says:

Why don't you just aim right and close the club face at address?

Brendan Ryan says:

Does this work with irons too?

LebronTheKing6 says:

If this is so helpful why don’t we see any pros doing it (they all seem to have shoulders feet and hips in line)? There must be some drawbacks – what are they?

Jeff MacKinnon says:

I just made this one change in my setup today and hit 13/14 fairways! Even the one fairway I missed it was a straight push to the right I was able to recover from and didn't lose distance like I normally would with a slice or hook. Just came back on to say thanks for the tip & you just got a new subscriber. Thanks!

0331 says:

Would dropping my right foot back a little have same affect as moving the hips pointing right? Or will that cause a separate problem? Great work. Broke 40 two times in 2 weeks to match my lifetime total with your videos.

Daniel Wilhelmus says:

Clay, great video. Strange situation. I am a right leg amputee. Struggle with the driver. Best I’m hitting is 230 yrds but inconsistent and have found my issue is problems with in to out swing path. Any thoughts for someone who cannot push off the right leg?

Giles Hubbard says:

does this apply to irons too or just woods and driver?

Relentless Living says:

I'm hiting like 240 with a 15-30' slice. I can't wait to master my driver and then it's going to be 300+ drives

804titan says:

man thats great info cant wait to try it

Brice Wolff says:

Best video ever made 🤌🏼

jafalad says:

Great tip re back hip turned at address. My coach is forever telling me to get my front shoulder and arm need to turned further to the right at address. Your rear hip turn at address will help me achieve this. Thank you so much.

Ken Dischert says:

Thanks for this!

Graham Jackson says:

Great tip,sorted my driving out,could you use this with irons Graham Uk…

Golf & Tesla says:

Perhaps the REAL path to a great swing like in this video is the hat.. ? Joke aside: I note in videos of myself that my hip turn is far from ideal – and I have not yet found a good drill how to improve hip turn

Jett Jones says:

One of the best ways for me is aim an alignment stick diagonal to the right and make sure your club face is following the path of the stick

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