Are You Turning Or Coiling In Your Backswing? – Golf Swing Tips – DWG

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Are You Turning Or Coiling In Your Backswing? – Golf Swing Tips – DWG

Turning or coiling in the backswing, which one do you do? A coil will produce more power and give you a much more efficient swing, a turn can be massively misunderstood and can lead to you throwing away any potential energy you're trying to build in your swing.

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Mark Smith says:

Great thoughts

RWaxo says:

Very good video

razerfish says:

our muscles don't coil like a spring


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well wishes

Alfred Brown says:

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Caemen Studios says:

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Mark Heckman says:

great visual and oral expanation of loading power and the releasing…thanks

Patrick Sheedy says:

Dans the man with the coiling plan.

JnV C says:

Superbly explained. Thank you.

Aaron Sha says:

nice swing ! will have a try! thank you.

SuperVillain Golf says:

Great Vid Dan! Thanks for the help!!

Rohit Das says:

This is the best explanation of coil and how to achieve it that I’ve seen so far.

Ashraf Ibrahim says:

Thanks Dan for another great video, best instructor on YouTube👍🏼

Peter says:

Thanks Dan. Excellent illustration of what the coil means.

John 2004 says:

Thanks Dan I’ve been playing golf for 35 years and that’s the first time ever that right foot drill has ever been explained. Wow thanks

Roger Mackay says:

Brilliant stuff… Makes loads of sense! Some great instruction.. Thanks 👍🏻

David Liebeck says:

Great video, excellent explanation of the coil versus the turn

Grogster2007 says:

When I do that I feel I am introducing too much tension in my whole body which transmits to my arms and hands resulting in a slower release and less power…..not saying it's wrong but difficult for me.

james woods says:

It's the Ground, not the Floor………………..

The Retrospective says:

I'd have to disagree here regarding senior golfers. I moved from coiling (tension, X-factor) to simple turning this season, without losing distance but losing nagging back pain. 👍☺️

John S says:

Dan, what are your thoughts on Mike Austin’s swing?

Thomas Veal says:

Great video! This, along with the Spiral Staircase concept from Pete Cowen, provide excellent descriptions regarding coiling vs. simple turning.

¿`_ says:

His teachings still revolve around the misconception of the golf swing! These teachers are a dime a dozen and all don't know what they're talkin about. Oh, they think they do. But they don't!

Mobile Car park UK says:

Without doubt the best instructional channel on YouTube. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Steve Caunce says:

Good video Dan. I tried this at the weekend, great results. Found out also, as a by product, that my shoulders turned on a better plane as, when I let the lower left leg collapse inward it allowed the shoulders to raise and turn flatter. Also, contrary to other opinions, which I respect, I found a full turn of the shoulders much easier without strain. Hit my best ever irons, thanks.

Ray Manbert says:

Actions speak louder than words. .Too.much talking!!

Mark Pogson says:

I see both "coilers" and "rotaters" on tour. Cameron Champ and Matt Wolfe both allow there left knee to come over to there right side and manage to hit extremely long balls. I don't think they would gain any yardage from keeping there knees separated as you suggest. Jack Nicklaus is another example of left knee moving across to the right side.

tigersx41 says:

No offense intended to anyone, but coiling is asking for major back problems or a popped rib. Oh and knee problems.

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