Balanced Golf Swing Lesson

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Balanced Golf Swing Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA golf professional AskGolfGuru. This is another golf swing fix via Mark's iPhone, iPad and android golf app. Players are sending their golf swings from around the world to help learn how to improve their golf swings and lower their scores. This golf lesson talks about balance in the golf swing on the backswing and how it can affect your ball striking. Play your best golf with simple and easy to follow golf tips, drills and instruction from one of the internets best loved golf professionals.

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Big Gazza says:

Yet another great video Mark, although a lot of these vids aren’t relevant
to me in terms of I don’t have these issues or problems, I still get a lot
of info out of them.

Jay Davis says:

Playing Kiawah September 3rd… Any tips to fix my overdraw when attempting
knockdown shots? I have a feeling that I will hitting a lot of them in that

Douglas Stoner says:

Great video mark. I have been having a very similar issue. Will definitely
be trying something at the range tomorrow.

dave danskin says:


ago1ca says:

Hi Mark. I’m 56 years old and started golfing 5 years ago. My problem is I
don’t get the distance that I would like. My range is from 90yds (PW) to
180yds (Driver). I think that it’s the lag that I am missing in my shots
but I don’t know how to do this. I am a 25 handicapper and can’t seem to
lower this. 

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