Coach Lockey Golf Lesson With Mark Crossfield

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Coach Lockey Golf Lesson With Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Jon Axford and Matt Lockey. This is a driver lesson where Mark and Jon help Matt with some ideas to help him with his golf swing and improve his tee shots. With the help of GC2 HMT and Trackman the three golf professionals talk angle of attack, club path and face to path in this golf instructional video. Filmed at Teignmouth golf club in the indoor golf studio watch this live golf lesson and learn more about your golf swing for lower golf scores.

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Digby Howis says:

definitely missed a pearler of a hashtag for course vlogs #InnerStruggle

liam f says:

Way to go Mark, you have changed his angle of attack 5 degrees.
In recent videos he hits more fairways yes, but he is 50 years shorter.
Why not just move his ball forward 1 ball width ?

Hank Harmon says:

Theres always a simpler way to make an in swing change. Why not just move
the ball position up (more in line with the left foot) and tilt the spine
slightly more to the right (left shoulder higher)? Encouraging such a
strong player to literally cast or early release the club in the downswing
is wasting a ton of potential power. Solid looking player, good stuff.

kalazcze says:

Amazing that everything in golf can be overdone. Such as drawing the

titan90000 says:

Another great video Mark.

I have the same problem as Lockey here. I hit my drive on a downward angle
and it causes the ball to stay low. I will give this a try on the next
range day.

eddie eun says:

i want to get lessons from u but i live in korea…any ideas??? 

Daniel Eason says:

What about irons here…does he still want the same feel?

Digby Howis says:

This is a fantastic video. Well done

Matthew Collins says:

John looks a right gimp, no offence like!

ABshookme says:

For not long time ago I learned by my very good own coach to stand with the
left hip more up in the air and my left shoulder more closed, when I’m
using a driver or fairway wood. In that way it easier to get under the ball.
Lockey, what I see is that you are standing more normal, I’m I right?

Carl Incledon says:

One of the best videos I’ve seen on this channel, superb! Cos it’s inside
and you get good acoustics you can hear what a savage strike Lockey gets
on the ball. Great one this, Up the pink castle brigade!!!

Nick Hickman says:

Matt looks so unimpressed by the critiquing of his swing.

edsloan says:

Love this Mark, please do more videos like this!

Stephane Gauthier says:

Very interesting format. I wish you would have showed the full numbers like
carry distance, spin, etc… love the numbers.. :)

Rob Atkinson says:

Golf ninja is really starting to get on my tits,he seems to know absolutely
everything about golf.yet hes on youtube channels for learning golf
spouting off everything hes just read in a book..if your that good ninja
ill see you at torre pines tonight,they tell me your playing with
tiger.sort his game out will ya,he’s obviously not at your level….you

Ian Blackburn says:

Great vid. A massive Thank you to coach Lockey for putting himself under
the microscope for the benefit of the masses I can’t wait for the next vlog
where you put this into practice. Mark, I think these types of video help
us avid viewers see the change based on the advice you give. If you can
convince more mates/clients to do this then it would be great to see those
different swing faults getting fixed e.g. Like a live pro lesson where the
issue, suggested fix, and result of the fix can be seen with before and
after video/numbers. Thanks again.

hardcoremofo says:

That’s exactly my biggest problem right now. Trying to hold that stupid
lag….. after I fix this, what do I do with my 11.5 driver?

KiljimKing says:

Fantastic, its motivating to see how even pros struggle with getting actual
good numbers with the driver. Thanks for sharing. 


How does this attack angle change effect the distance on The Lockeys shots?

sean craig says:

Matt’s got some serious lag, he’s wirey strong

Jack Victor says:

Thanks guys, this video has helped me heaps!! I thought this change would
make me cast the club and come over the top, but surprise, surprise, the
fix you suggested for Lockey has been a swing fix for me too!! Finally a
draw is happening now!! Keep em coming Mark!! Aussie from down under.

Ball Striker says:

What was the difference in distance and dispersion?

Shizz Sosa says:

This worked for Matt because he is a really good player who gets a crazy
amount of lag in his swing for distance but was having a little trouble
releasing the extreme angles he was creating at impact. Most weekend
warriors cast the club on the downswing and create angles that are the
total opposite of Matt’s. This advise would make casters hit the ground
first even more.

hbyrdut says:

I’m just the opposite. I launch the ball too high and hit up on the ball
too much. So how do I get the hands more ahead of the club head at impact?

matt H says:

Hi Mark, great lesson! My golf coach has told me before that I do the same
things with my driver, he suggested some other feelings to try to emulate;
however these weren’t so successful with me, but this feeling of casting as
I start my downswing seems to be working.

One question though, I feel like I’m losing a lot of my power by not
storing all of my lag until very late (too late) in the downswing. How do
still retain power and distance using this feeling?

Matt from Oz

gary etherson says:

game changer video this for me. been hitting some great drives recently
keeping this video in mind. feeling like I have to throw away lag but
lauching the ball much higher, less spin and going miles. funny old
game! any updates on how this is going for lockey?

Jay Smooth says:

I must have a crazy + AOA. My ball flight is high and driver is no
exception. When I’m hitting driver it is always high and when I’m hitting
driver well it is a high draw. I know a lot of fellas like to hit or admire
watching a climber flight, but I’ll stick with high. I get plenty of
distance. How much did that gizmo (lol, I said gizmo) set you back
Crossfield? I don’t have a reputable place to get these numbers within a
distance I care to travel to do so. Unless I must.

Nate Urry says:

A change of 5* in AOA is HUGE. I might be wrong, but it seems to my eye his
ball position could be moved just slightly forward. Would have liked to
have seen the before and after ballspeed numbers as well. 

SAM BUSH says:

As others have asked, how do the changes affect carry distance and

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Lockey looks very reticent, as if he’s thinking ‘this is going to fvck me

Mark Hallett says:

Very very interesting Mark. Maybe I’m a bit geeky but I love to see the
launch monitor data and how to improve them. More like this please.

Drew Robbins says:

Interested to know if this increased distance or accuracy or both?

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