THE BEST IRONS IN GOLF for every style of golfer

Are you looking for the best irons in golf?

There are a lot of different types of irons on the market, and it can be tough to decide which set is right for you. In this video, I'll give you a breakdown of the different types of irons and which ones are best suited for your game. From Callaway, Mizuno, Ping to TyalorMade, Srixon, Cobra and Cleveland golf irons there is something for all golfers.

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27 thoughts on “THE BEST IRONS IN GOLF for every style of golfer

  1. Went from Mizuno 921 Forged (which are great) to MP-20s… absolutely love them! I think the difficulty associated to hitting blades is way over stated. While I have had to adjust my distances, I actually find the dispersion with the MP-20s to be noticeably better at the range… giving me more confidence on the course.

  2. Still rockin the MP-18's, but TM wedges. All of these look great tbh, don't think you could go wrong with any of them. Honestly though, for me, I really struggle with thick toplines. I don't know what it is, I don't hate the look of them, but I just cannot hit them consistently for the life of me. I really like low profile anything, probably why I feel most comfortable in a blade. Oh, and a buddy of mine has those Ping 525s and let me hit his 9 iron at the range. What an awesome feel that thing has, I was tempted to trade into those right there lol.

  3. There always seems to be a brand trend that varys from country to country and a trap you should be careful not to fall into.
    Simply try them all out and narrow it down to what works the best for you and enjoy! You'll be surprised what you end up with…..
    I initially wanted the Srixon or Ping but ended up with the Wilson Staff CB forged.
    My bag is just a mix of different brands that just works for me…

  4. I’ve been playing the 2021 t200s since they came out but I currently just got fitted for the i525s. No left misses with those clubs and they feel more workable without losing distance.

  5. Love the looks of the JPX 921 forged, last year in May I was custom fit for 2019 Titleist T-200’s w Mitsubishi AMT red graphite shafts. Love the feel on center hits, they’re soft with their forged faces BUT On off center hits especially high in the face they make a loud clunky noise/feel. I was told by a Golf Tec rep They are missing epoxy or sound deadening material since they are a hollow head.

    They’re very forgiving so I’m keeping them for now but maybe later this year I’ll compare them to the 921 Forged. My USGA handicap now is 6.2, was 2.4 early last year. These players distance irons are the correct category for me

  6. I've played mid tier irons for all my life, but I tried the Mizuno game improvement irons and I fell in love with them immediately.

  7. Forged blades just don’t make sense anymore. These hollow head clubs are amazing. Yes they don’t come close to the feel of a blade but they do everything else better. Your going to see more pros go this route in the next decade. We are now at a point where you can have game improvement forgiveness in a blade sized head, that beats a blade in all that f the numbers.

  8. I love the fact you try a lot of different brands . Many of the "pro" golfers on YouTube act as if it's not titleist, Taylor made, Ping, or Callaway they don't exist. My favorite ever is my Cleveland irons.

  9. Srixon irons offer the best value and quality for the dollars paid.
    With the exception of my putter, every club in my bag is Srixon and all my wedges are Cleveland.

  10. Would have been helpful to put chapters in so viewers can skip those irons applicable to them. Don't know if this impacts your monterey ad views if you need people to watch the entire vid?

  11. Great video Mark. I went for a fitting at a major UK retailer who simply wanted me to buy the clubs which probably pay the most commission. They would not have been the right clubs for me and buyers remorse would have shortly followed! After a more thorough fitting at a local golf club, I ended up with the 921 forged. And absolutely love them. You can't put a price on using the right kit for you – a blade or a full GI is ok just as long it is right for the player…

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