Best Golf Drivers 2014 Players

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Best Golf Drivers 2014 Players. This is Mark Crossfield's best 3 drivers of 2014 in the better players category. See which driver you might want to try for low spin and maximum distance in your golf game from the tee. What companies are making the best golf clubs and can they help your golf game. Callaway, Ping Mizuno, Titleist, TaylorMade, Cobra and many more are all producing great stuff but which ones are in Mark's golf top 3.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Best Golf Drivers 2014 Players:

rosenlefty12 says:

mark my swing speed and ball speed are extremely similar to yours. ball
speed right around 150-155 mph. however im using much older technology
(taylormade rbz stage 1), im not custom fit, everything in my driver is
stock. i strike the ball extremely well, however im only carrying it
240-245. do you think this could be cause by using older technology and
clubs that arent custom fit? or is it subject to ball striking, shot shape,

Tiger Scott says:

What’s wrong with the new covert driver?

Dreama40 says:

Mind you i dont think i would enjoy playing with him because he tends to
talk ALOT and that would drive me nuts lol, sorry Mark no offense….

Hourglazz Co. says:

dat belly 3:07

Casualguy 939 says:

You know, you say “Players” about 30 times, but then you say to apply that
term loosely. This is a good review but clean it up a bit ;)

edsloan says:

Something that got me thinking from one of your shots, is the old myth of
the tee going backwards after a shot a sign of a good shot, true or not?

9tube1 says:

Excellent Video Mark. I purchased the 10.5-Degree SLDR when it was first
introduced, and found it too light. I returned it in exchange for a Ping
G25 as I felt I could finally feel the clubhead (something we old farts
always had back in the day of persimmon drivers). I’ve been very happy
with the G25, especially in the area of consistency. I think a repeatable
driver is very underrated as everyone’s focus is simply distance. I’m not
surprised your Ping I25 was your second choice. Ping drivers just work the
way most amateurs want them to. 

Matthew Papp says:

listening to this guy inhale and exhale gives me breathing problems LOL

victor park says:

What is this machine you’re using in front of the ball ? 

3rdgroove says:

Boy, those year-end reviews come out sooner and sooner 😉 You should let
a hcp golfer hit your top 3 GI drivers.

Tactical Persuader says:

Slow down man, breath a little…

Dreama40 says:

Forget the drivers reviews, how good is this guys swing! woo hoo luv it

Justin Bordwell says:

Mark can u test the Formula driver by Krank…I have one and it’s
amazing…my question is why are there not any tour players with one?

cityofchamps66 says:

free or three

TeeJ1333 says:

Hey Mark, what shoes are you wearing there? 

bobby hodge says:

Ive had two biocell drivers this year alone. Both drivers dented and
creased on the toe after using them for one round. The ball flies off the
club but theyre not very well-made.

michael jirgensons says:

Would love to see a test of your SLDR against a R1. That would be fun.

❤ tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ ❤ says:

Callaway Diablo Octane is the best bang for your buck driver
Anything else is either not worth the money or just plain not good enough

JAG sixtyfive says:

If you like that sub 2000 spin try the new Cobra Bio Cell Pro.

NC2871926 says:

Arse licking TM I see (they giving you free stuff because your channel is
popular?) SLDR driver, SLDR irons…

on2a says:

Good video. Love the slo-mo spinning tee off your 2nd Strike with with
Cobra Pro Cell

Winterstick549 says:

That shirts gotta go Mark, ;-)

James Litherland says:

Mark can you do the same video for game improvement players? I’m a 19
handicap. Thanks!!

Kevin Johnson says:

Interesting video Mark, I’ve got the Ping i25 in 10.5 degree loft with a
stock stiff shaft, I used to own a Taylor Made RBZ Stage 2 but sold it
because I was disappointed by Taylor Made releasing a new driver every 3 –
4 months so I never even considered the SLDR, I can see from the numbers
your getting its a good club, but can’t help feeling that it will be
obsolete in a couple of months when Taylor Made replace their driver line
up again.

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