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Driver specifications:

Titleist TSi3 – 9 degree, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue Stiff shaft
Wilson D9 – 10.5 degree, Mitsubishi Tensei CK Series Blue Stiff shaft
PING G425 LST – 9 degree, Ping Tour 65, Regular shaft
Cobra RADSPEED – 10.5 degree, Project X HZRDUS RDX Blue Stiff shaft
Callaway Epic Speed – 9 degree, Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 Stiff shaft
TaylorMade SIM2 – 10.5 degree (adjusted to 9.5), Fujikura Ventus Blue Stiff shaft

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0:00 Introduction
1:46 Looks & Feel
3:55 Forgiveness
5:06 Distance
9:34 Value For Money
11:53 Verdict
13:45 Category Winners


Benjamin Kaiser says:

Great Video, Sophie. Could you do this for 2022 too?

Christine Goulden says:

Great video, Sophie, thank you. i tried at least a couple of those at my fitting. My fitter said that lighter is best for me for club head speed. I am 64 now. The Ping G le 2 driver won the day for me, and is my best club in my bag, followed closely by my 4 Hybrid.

Eggs Mann says:

I really like your approach with testing, but your feet were slipping and never planted firmly at all on that mat….as opposed to your perfect dug in the dirt footwork for your outdoor swing – a cause and effect to get real numbers…heheh

Joe. H says:

I can’t say I have owned, or even hit any of these drivers! But based on some of the players I play with, the callaway epic speed seems to be very popular and played by a few good players!!

Rockn24 W. says:

You are the only person that has not reviewed the Sim2 as the longest including me as i have hit them all…. radspeed tsi3. And Mizuno STz

Ken Phillips says:

An interesting video, as much for the absentees as anything. The last plea to like the video sounded a little needy.

Bruce Seaman says:


Andy Pearson says:

Hi great vid I love reviews like this so you know what’s on the market, I went for my first driver fitting and cobra rad speed came out on top, was a no brainer with price and I gained 35 yards in distance

Paul McCarthy says:

I bought the Ping G425 Max this year and I love it!

Frankie Lambardo says:

No Exotics C721? Wow.

Tony McEwan says:

Not going to lie, i have had a nightmare of a year off the T… im on driver number 7 – hahaha Iv had a M6, Sim, 2 different Sim 2s, 2 different TSI2s, now a Srixon ZX5

MrSitemaster2 says:

Great video, but if I'm honest since PXG dropped the price of their 0211 driver to around £200, I personally find it hard to even consider looking at a new driver from the major brands.

Andrew Finn says:

Great review Sophie and really enjoyed your review of the best drivers of 2021

rcmark24 says:

I bought the Cobra this year and have to say it has helped my game! Not that I had any to start but it added 20-30 yards and much straighter. Nice video!

Thomas King says:

One word, maybe 2. Thorough & knowledgeable. Love your videos 📹

Kevo Channer says:

Good concise review.

Terry Dean says:

Good review..

Jason Velez says:

Excellent review, Sophie. I game the TSi3. It is an elegant beast. The sound and feel are explosive. Even on off center hits the ball maintains a true flight. For context, I use the 9’degree model with the Graphic Design shaft. Swing speed is typically over 120mph and ball speed is over 180mph and the TSi3 is super stable. Very expensive investment but to me fits the bill. Cheers

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