Mizuno Golf Drivers Comparison & Review | Mizuno ST-Z and ST-X Drivers

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This Mizuno Golf Drivers Comparison includes the Mizuno ST-Z and Mizuno ST-X drivers, new from Mizuno in 2021. Each driver includes Mizuno's Forged SAT2041 Beta Titanium clubface, which is both more flexible and stronger than traditional titanium clubfaces.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell conduct a Golf Drivers Comparison and test the new Mizuno ST-Z and Mizuno ST-X drivers using Trackman comparison.

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M M says:

Just got the ST Z head and cannot wait to put the Tensei 1K shaft in it to test vs my Epic Max LS, TSi3, Sim2 and TSi4 heads. Also will try the Ventus Black 6X and AutoFlex XX shafts in the Mizuno and other heads. Going to be a great summer of testing/playing.

Grant Hodges says:

Just got fitted for the STX and I agree, the head is more compact and more appealing in my opinion of course.

G Mg says:

C721 v STZ v Ts3 – please compare, Tx

Robert O'Reilly says:

Ummm, would the 5mph faster swing not equate to most of the distance gained, never mind de-lofting the club? Good insight into the Z v X bias though.

john yi says:

Would love to see how the STZ stacks against the Cobra Radspeed XB for the most forgiving driver. Cheers!

Ian Shepherd says:

I like the better than usual when Thomas goes over the numbers bc you guys typically go over the numbers and talk then hand it to Thomas to go over them again. Works a lot better this way for sure

George Botsford says:

I'll still stick with the X

Ur Average Golfer says:

Nice video boys, I have subbed!

Jim Farrell says:

those numbers at 7.5 were off the charts, well done.

Qabaniso Lupafya says:

Speed training is definitely paying off. I have been following your progress & you're effortlessly swinging 116mph consistently. Love the river. Can't wait for your latest speed training video my friend!!

Paul O'Neil says:

Thomas & Drew – thanks for the test. I'm seriously thinking of building the following driver – a 46" STX, with an X, tip stiff shaft, played open to 8.5 degrees (for the start line and spin) with a Mid-Sized +4 Align Grip (better grip but will correct swing weight) and would love to see if you could test that combo. A few testers now have all sort of confirmed they like the look of the STX better and for sure it seems that Mizuno didn't 'over-draw' this head so it seems like it could be a perfect gamer. Thanks. Paul

Alexander Schilling says:

I'm gonna be comparing ST-Z, RADSpeed and C721. Once they hit retail anyway.

Reid Siegel says:

No ventus black velocore to test with!? Just got fit with brent online for a sim2max, waiting for a fairway wood royal rumble reivew between sim2, mizuno, titleist tsi2/3, epic speed, ping!

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