PING Fairway Woods Over The Last 20 Years

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PING fairway woods have long been known for their distance and forgiveness, especially over the last two decades. The PING G425 fairway woods offer the latest in PING technology in three distinct clubheads: The PING G425 Max, PING G425 LST, and PING G425 SFT.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Jackie Johnson test out five PING fairway wood models over the last two decades. The models tested include the PING G5, PING G10, PING G30, PING G410, and PING G425 fairway woods, all 3-wood.






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Eric Bradner says:

I’m late getting to it but this video is awesome! I’ve played a G425 LST 3 wood for a while now but stumbled across a cheap, beat-up G30 3W in a used bin yesterday. My only complaint about my G425 is that the face is a touch too shallow, and the G30 obviously had a taller face. I lofted it all the way down and hit it on a Trackman, and it was absolutely awesome! Nailing my ideal 3W numbers (12ish launch, 3200ish spin), going pretty much just straight. It was dirt cheap so I bought it, took it to the driving range and got more great results. Kind of crazy but an 8-year-old 3W might be kicking my current-model 3W out of the bag.

Love videos like this that explore the differences in these models and how a company’s approach has evolved over the years. I’ll keep an eye out for more like this. I think an updated Titleist one with the new line out might be in order!

Tim says:

Can I build 2nd Swing a golf robot? Then you can do testing with numerous swing speeds for each test.

Alex Shearer says:

Like the topic! G20 3 wood stayed in my bag for almost 10 years

Darren Prest says:

The G5 came out in 2007. So 15 years not 20. 😉

nathan ratcliffe says:

Really interesting. Always loved the Ping fairway . The G20 was my go to club for 10 years! Just changed to G425 and love it apart from the sound 😂

Richard Reed says:

I had a G410 in the bag for a couple years. So easy to hit, however not terribly long for me. I just got fit into a Rogue ST Max 3W which has a similar flattened shape which I like with a bit more forgiveness and greater ball speed (and distance). It also sounds better for what it’s worth.

Rob S says:

The flat lie angle setting was the deciding factor for me to upgrade from older fairways and Hybrids to Ping G425

Wesley Fontaine says:

Very informative video. One takeaway is the shallower heads seem to be more forgiving off a fairway. A cobra fairway and driver video would be nice. Thanx

Bill Wallenstein says:

I played the G30 for a season. My 3 wood results were only about 2 out of 10 shots were spectacular. I felt that shaft was a tad boardy.

Rob S says:

This is awesome

Jacob McCain says:

G425 have been my favorite fairways since the 07 burners which I played for 10+ years. Currently have the 5 turned down to 16.5 Flat and the 7 playing standard flat. Best clubs in my bag. Even bought the LST to try but was better fit for my buddy.

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