Blind Test – Swingweight & Total Weight | Driver


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Using the Taylormade M5 driver and VA Nemesys shaft, Ian builds 6 different combinations that vary in swingweight and total weight by using different grips and head weight configurations. See the effect it has on ball flight and how you can hit your driver straighter with these adjustments!

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

20 thoughts on “Blind Test – Swingweight & Total Weight | Driver

  1. Arguably the best video on YouTube for golf. We probably spend the most consistently on drivers year in and year out. What a treat for us to see this. I’ve watched probably 50 times everytime I’m rebuilding my driver or testing out new ones

  2. This is great stuff…I’m a tinkerer, especially with grips, and this is very helpful…I’ve going from std to midsize, etc, and notice the grip weights vary a lot….

  3. I got fitted for cobra forge tech one length irons, added jumbo Max XL grips which weigh 120g. Should I be adding lead weight to the heads so there’s weight at both ends

  4. I was “fitted” for TSi3 driver and the usual. Stock shaft and hosel settings but it felt really off to me as time went on. Bought some lead tape and played around with head weight and got it perfect for me. Rough measurements on everything stock with Hzrdus 6.0 60 shaft and 4g of lead tape in the head and sits about the D5/6 mark. Wonderful weight and feels like a different club. I bet there’s millions of people who are playing clubs not right for them.

  5. Great video as ever, but….sometimes when talking about losing the ball left or spraying right the majority of watchers then has to reverse think what it means for the more common golfer ie the right hander compared to Matty as a leftie.

  6. Question as far as grip weight is that just grip or with wraps? I know you guys can blow them on and off but for swing weighting purposes would you use total grip and wrap weight for that part of the equation? Or until you get into extremes for adding wraps the difference is negligible? For example i use 2L 3R for wraps would that be something you would add with the grip weight for that part of the equation?

  7. One question i bought a sim 2 driver and shortened the shaft to 45 inches. The swing weight is like a c9. When the home order ends and i set an appointment can i bring in my club and try and fix the swing weight and bring it up to a d4-d5?

  8. The human brain has the incredible ability to adapt. If you are older, it take probably more time, but it still works. The problem with club fitting in my opinion: The best fitter can not predict how the player will adapt to the clubs balance point and weight in the future.

  9. Here’s my question, should your woods and irons all be the same swing weight? Or is there a progression that should happen? I got fitted recently and the outcome was pretty bad. 20+ grams heavier than my old clubs —- and up to 11 swing weight difference between clubs from the old and new set. I’m really struggling with the new set and I think the swing weight is the main culprit. Thank you. Love these videos the Matty and Ian do!!!

  10. Bit late to the party here but does this mean if I trim my driver down 1” I could replace the weight lost with a heavier grip rather than at the head?

  11. My Sim head weight is 195.4g. All of the head weights in this video are 200g+. Are you adding hot melt to the head or adding the Taylormade adapter weight to the head weight figure? If so, what is the TM adapter weight?

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