How to swing weight a set of irons

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Albiee says:

Great video, how would you go about reducing swing weight? Without changing shafts. Eg playing kbs 130x in irons and wedges and the vokeys feel way heavier than my t100 irons

Eric Pietrondi says:

What do you do if you want to lower the swing weights? Do you drill out weight from hosel?

Pete Galindez says:

Great video and very informative…one question, when you were swing weighting with the grips, you had the shaft going all the way to the end of the scale…however, wouldn’t the grip take up about 1/4” or so and the shaft not go all the way to the end? Or does it not matter since you did the same with all of them and it’s just relative?

Gavin Thomas says:

great work mate

Patrick Case sr says:

what amaze me the most is how you took a five minutes operation and turned it into nearly 20 minutes of kindergarten explanation ,so fucking boring…..MATE!

Topher Hill says:

Super informative and helpful for swing weight matching the set!

What would your process be if you wanted the end swing weight to be D3 or D4 on that same set of Miuras?

Double D says:

Hi Greg, using a standard swing weight machine is there a way of checking the dry swing weight (without the grip and glued head)

Jon Keene says:

Greg, I have tried to watch this video 3 times on different occasions and days. This has no sound other than intro and outro. NO SOUND! WAZUP???

matsfreedom says:

Excellent process and explanation. Thanks.

k1w1jj says:

Thanks for the info Greg. Quick few questions, should you aim for a certain swing weight? I rebuilt my Titleist 712 6 iron MB with no tip weights and went to the range with a roll of lead tape and after trial and error the end result was an 8g tip weight. Is that too much weight to add to the tip? The head weight was 257g not sure if the heads are typically lighter with Blades. Lastly I’ve read/heard you should maintain a 7g progression per iron, is there any particular reason for doing so? Thanks Greg, keep up the great work!

Darren Loder says:

So this owner knew that he was going to be looking at SW higher than standard? What if they wanted lighter? Select a different head to begin with? Muira are heavier compared to other irons I've heard.

Ryan Johnston says:

Great video Bayles and very interesting. What are the chances of you getting a set of custom fit irons swingweighted to this degree from the Mizuno, Titliest, Srixon and Pings of the golf world?? I'm not even going to bother asking about the other two (Taylormade and Callaway).

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