The LONGEST Golf Irons of 2022?? | Ultimate Game-Improvement Irons Comparison

This ultimate game-improvement comparison of 2022 tests the most popular golf irons from 2022 in the 2nd Swing fitting bays from the game-improvement irons category. Each of these golf irons is designed to deliver explosive distance and excellent forgiveness. But which model is the longest or the most forgiving?

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Thomas Campbell test nine golf irons, including the PING G425, Titleist T300, TaylorMade Stealth, Callaway Rogue ST Max, Cobra LTDx, Srixon ZX4, Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal, Tour Edge C523, and Wilson D9.

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11 thoughts on “The LONGEST Golf Irons of 2022?? | Ultimate Game-Improvement Irons Comparison

  1. I spin the crap out of the ball. my 8 iron with the Callaway Rogue St Max, it will spin 6400 , my club speed 90.6 carry is 158 and launch angle is 20.4, height is 102 . smash factor is 1.27, I hit the ball so much different , I don't get it.

  2. I hit my 7 iron 140 yards. This example of club distances is simply not realistic to average players. Put the clubs into the hands of an AVERAGE player and then it could help guide us.

  3. Nice comparison video guys. I'm not in the market for GI irons but if I had to choose one … I'd give up golf ?. There's not one that delivers a 'balanced' performance. It's either decent spin with low peak and land angles or it's higher peak with low spin, etc. I'd need to be playing links golf to make any of these work but for those that need/want them, you've done a great job in identifying the similarities and differences ?

  4. So I’m a sweeper as well. Which of these would you say is best for that type of swing? And in that range of club head speed? Great review. Lots to digest.

  5. Hey guys great comparison. I would really like to see a comparison done with top 5 accuracy and consistency for distance and dispersion in a forgiveness iron with good backspin(6000+). We all know hitting off a mat is easier than how the irons interact with the turf. It would be mice to see your thoughts on this from the short to Long irons 4-PW since most of us only get to test a 7-iron. Great stuff keep them coming.

  6. I am 14 handicap, turn 74 very soon. My irons are callaway Rouge x. Should i get new or take what I have to the great beyond. Still play from white or blue tees. Also play 18 everyday.

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