Bunkers Shots with Phil Mickelson

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Bunker shots by Phil Mickelson
Master Golfer


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Daniele Delavaine says:

Trés intéressant ces démonstrations en temps réel !

Le golf n’est Jamais acquis définitivement ! Toujours des surprises !
Bonnes ou mauvaises !!

Jonathan Bassett says:

Looks like witchcraft to me. Lol.. Thanks Phil I’m gonna do what you say

Ken Costello says:

How easy does Phil make it look !!!!

Frankie Seuss says:

The problem is that not everyone can just go out to a bunker and practice
100 shots a day.

Daithi G says:

Ahh Phil I wish the game was as easy as you explains it.

Flynt Coal says:

You know someone is good when they can show what bad can happen and turn
around and show the perfect shot.

Eds G says:

he prolly has a sand trap outside is bedroom balcony. wake up in the
morning and do drills and same thing before going to bed

rob quonset says:

sounds easy…lol

dingchavez says:

I couldn’t help but laugh as Phil nailed shot after shot after shot in this
video. The man is one talented golfer. 

JayZoop says:

It’s gotta be nice to be hitting out of perfectly prepped sand most of the

Ryan Barrry says:


Scott Smart, Jr says:

I wish the bunkers I fall into are this nice. for the courses I play the
bunkers are either muddy or its like hitting off concrete.

ngs5150 says:

Phil was and is always > than Tiger!

alexr956 says:

someone help me understand as I am new to golf: If I open the face, but
readjust my body, isn’t it the same as if I had not adjusted anything at
all? let me try to explain my train of thought: I am right handed so I
set up as usual I would then open the face (rotate the club in my hand
clockwise10 deg.) but then I compensate for that by aiming left of the
target by about 10 deg. Am I not hitting at the same angle as if I had
just set up straight and shot as I would shoot a normal nice out in the
open ball?

DJWONTONho says:

So what you are saying is to not get the ball in the bunker? Am I right?
Lol! I can see that the club doesn’t even touch the ball, only the
sand. The club propels the sand which in turn sends the ball out. I
always try to hit the ball, but now I know. 

s1rGr1nG0 says:

Great video. Thanks Phil. Off to the range to get some practice time in!

topgrain says:

Now let’s see the video of him chipping from bunker to bunker to bunker
trying to get it close to the hole at the 2014 Masters. 

dennis bean says:

im still trying this. i have a bad habit of just hitting behind the ball
and not letting the club slide through the sand. i am almost there. it feel
good when i finish like phil, then i know i did it right


Bunkers Shots with Phil Mickelson: http://youtu.be/SE2TouisBwg

Pat D says:

Phil mickelson is such an incredible short game player he makes it look
easy, but he is also a very good teacher.

Pavel Vedra says:

Diky kluci z fora, skola hry z bunkeru…

NikHubbardGolf says:

Check out what’s in my bag on my channel!

McRoman's says:

THX for left hand tutorials… /// McRoman’s

CarNNNN says:

Phil makes me watching golf and enjoy being in the most retarded and fucked
up places on the golf course. This guy can make PAR after hooking 15 out of
18 shots from the tee.

Chris Law says:

I was so bummed when Rose beat him on his birthday. It ruined my day. I
couldn’t hit a ball for shit after that.
Then he won, and it was awesome, but I still wish his 1st “big four” win
was on his birthday. It would have been so epic.

BTW, these tips are great, but im still in the bunker….

Mahavishnu80 says:

… Dat Doent count!

peprulz7 says:

the thing he doesn’t mention is that it is a long, lazy swing… Not is
typical aggressive swing. I guess we are just supposed to recognize that 

ken Howard says:

for cindy ken and val

Paul Dorman says:

Fantastic way to explain it …

Robert V Scanzani says:

If you ever want to improve your short game – this is the man to watch!

J Philos says:

wow incredible, I have also noticed my fingers haven’t left my hands once
in my entire life!

tbag811 says:

Thank you Mr. Mickelson. This is the worst part of my game. A few years ago
I was automatic out of the bunkers. Now automatic to take three to get out.
Mainly due to so many variations on ways to get out. Mike Bender says this
way, you say that way, etc. Perhaps the most that I get from this is to
keep the hands moving in front of the club head. Never get behind or quit.
We’ll see how it goes tonight in the practice bunker.

Ed J. says:

Notice that at no time during any of these shots do his fingers leave his
hands! (:-)

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