Carnoustie Golf Links Final Part

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Carnoustie Golf Links Final Part
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre plays against Peter Finch
at Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland


AJ says:

Sweet friendship! Cheers to you both!

redlinejcw says:

This series is the best course vlog I’ve ever watched. Great job guys, nice
win Pete. You were due after those challenges on your channel!

MrDazza64 says:

Great series Ricky lad. What a stunning evening to play golf, I’m sure it
will live in yours and Pete’s memories for the rest of your days! Many
thanks to both you and Finchy for the huge efforts you guys put into
bringing these videos to YouTube for us all to enjoy, it is most
appreciated. Now get ready to sort my golf swing out, I’m only 40 minutes
away and will be booking some lessons very soon. Cheers, Daz. 

simon george says:

Fantastic entertainment boys keep it coming you two are my new skysports 4

Andrew Krisman says:

How is it so bright at 10:30pm????

Google-is-a-pain says:

Wow – having the opportunity to play a close enjoyable game till 10.30pm on
a historically famous course in what looked like super golf-tastic
weather…Yeah, I’d also be drinking a wee dram of one of Scotlands finest!
Well done guys and thanks!

LeoGolf says:

Just one thing makes this great Vlog a little boring.
Its the thing that most time you played very save ,without driver and
things like this.
But maybe next time. VERY FUNNY without this point!:D

victor pasten says:

Love your videos guys. Thank you very much for the effort you guys put in
to give us these vlogs. How about coming to Australia for a few rounds?

Rick Shiels PGA says:

The Final Part of Carnoustie Golf Links with Peter Finch @PFGolfPro

Sam Durward says:

10pm and still light what’s going on there ?

Darren Cohen says:

this was really fun to watch, haha although I would have loved to see a
closest to the pin competition out of one of those nasty bunkers, but I
guess it was a long day for you guys so maybe next time 🙂 Thanks so much
for making this vid available for us to watch, really enjoyed it. 

SuperDixxxie says:

In a pickle without Fraser lol…Great vlog though guys…atb Dixie

Chris Davies says:

Guys another great comp they are so fun and interesting and coming from the
south west we get to see great courses which we will probably never play!
keep em coming!

Ian Hackett says:

Loved all 3 parts, nice win for Peter but I know he wanted you to make your
par putt Rick.

ZeroSumJ1 says:

Gorgeous two putt at the end Pete! That flop shot was killer Rick. Loved
the vids. Gorgeous course, thank you so much for sharing!

Heisenberg says:

haha change the speed to 0.5

Nick Wilson says:

Lost on the ladies course?! Where is that?

Johan Klarin says:

As Jezza would say: biblically good 

scott crockett says:

Brilliant videos guys! Very much looking forward to seeing Trump!you guys
should get together with crossfield and co and play 2v2, I think you guys
would walk away with it!

eddie brown says:

If Jean had course managed like Pete on 18, he’d have won the

MrCheatreporter says:

Nice vid.You guys are good players :o)

Golfguy076 says:

Good golf vlog sir!

Michael Duffy says:

Came down to say hi at around10pm was starting to get dark thought you guys
were not crazy enough to still be out there ,even after I seen your car
parked in the car park that’s commitment great video as usual tx guys

Strat TelePaul says:

Of course now you have to do a vlog on The Old Course at St. Andrews to top
this. I have played a course in Texas called TheTribute(replicas of famous
Brithish holes), but I do not recall which holes were from Carnoustie. All
I really remember was that #1, 17, and 18 were those same holes from The
Old Course at St. Andrews. And there was one hole that had a large 10 foot
deep greenside bunker. I blasted out to 5 feet. Best shot of my life.

Alan Heseltine says:

Great video’s again guys and well worth watching. I must say that your
course vlog video’s are getting better each time and very entertaining. I
have even found myself thinking more out on the golf course about my shots
on each hole.
Still love Pete’s swing, but I’m equally impressed with Rick’s shot making

Logan Skelton says:

You should play at Dunkeld lol

Jay Davis says:

Can’t wait to see Trump!

Peter Thomson says:

These videos are fascinating to watch guys and great promotion too for the
courses…not that Carnoustie would be feeling the need I’m sure. But they
really bring these courses alive in a tangible way quite different to
watching “tournament” golf.

Eric D says:

Pure class guys, could taste the Glenfiddich and enjoy the evening air
right with you as you strolled down the 18th 

Richard Kim says:

oo.. can’t wait for the vids of Trump International. Sounds like an
awesome trip. Safe travels and really appreciate the vids!

Graeme Wilson says:

Fantastic series! Love your relaxed and friendly style. Keep up the great
work … both of you!

Michael Duffy says:

Came down to say hi at around10pm was starting to get dark thought you guys
were not crazy enough to still be out there ,even after I seen your car
parked in the car park that’s commitment great video as usual tx guys

GolfNinja25 says:

Best vlog ever, beautiful ending on 18th with wiskey shots. Cheers!

philip3r says:

fantastic final part, beautiful course, hosted by 2 pros, wonderful watch,

michael jirgensons says:

Not playing on android

Bing Liem says:

Life is beautiful. 

robbie966 says:

Good video as always. Shame about the lack of light..

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