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Woolong D says:

What matters the most is your swing.

Deebo19 says:

Clubs are clubs… most of the time

Airgun Academy says:

yes you can play with cheap clubs but the feel is awful.

RetroCaptain says:

I have played PGA courses using rental pro grade Titanium woods (costing thousands).
Could boom them into orbit but slice into the water.
I bought an ancient mixed set of Gary Player and Spalding.
Sacrifices distance but never chasing balls in the rough. Straight ahead every time.
Maybe with more practice i can just go with irons.
I watched the LIV Singapore tournament.

One player teed off with a 9 iron, another with a Wedge, and the third with what seriously looking like his Putter.
All 3 balls were within a metre of the pennant in basically a cluster.
Personally I found "knowing my clubs" helps.
Knowing what each one is capable of.
Shiny new clubs do look more impressive though or make me feel like i can do it.

Francisco Arroyo says:

When the delivery nurse is horrible at what she does she blaims the culo

SooBaked420 says:

Hey maybe the test clubs shaft are better then yours

TaylorGang21 says:

Just shows that people get new clubs mainly for the look. Everyone loves the look of a blade. Nobody likes the look of a block of metal

When I die I live forever says:

I'm using cheap free golf clubs but my swing is phenomenal. Clubs really don't matter unless you want to customize your set. There are levels.

Change My Mind says:

Golf equipment companies outdo exercise supplement companies when it comes to marketing. The only thing you should focused on is whether or not you’re ready to transition into blades.

Nemesis_Destroyer of gods says:

Yours are blades you wont hit them further if you dont hit them just Perfect. I Think you know that tho right.

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