CLEAR WINNER! Titleist TSR2 vs Ping G425 Max

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I compare the Titleist TSR2 Driver against the Ping G425 Max Driver in a head to head battle. These two golf clubs, drivers are very stable and straight hitting with fast ball speeds which does one out perform the other…..we find out in this video.

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23 thoughts on “CLEAR WINNER! Titleist TSR2 vs Ping G425 Max

  1. Today I had a driver fitment to replace my tour edge c721.
    I tested the Aerojet, the paradym, g430 max, e723 and the Tsr2. On average I could swing the Tsr2 at 110mph 3mph faster then the rest, and the Tsr2 had 5mph better ball speed on average at 157mph.
    It was second in dispersion to only the paradym that had a tight group 20m left of centre. The TSR has 2 down the middle and 3 left of centre 20m.

    First off I hit my driver then all the others to narrow it down to the paradym, Aerojet and tsr2. Then had 5 with each of those to pick the winner. Tsr2 took the win for me giving me gains of around 7mph in ball speed and on average 15 metres of carry and 18 metres overall.

  2. Recently bought the TSR2…but also like the feel of the Ping. Love to be able to have both in bag if I can, but had to choose only 1, so the TSR2 was the winner.

  3. 13 handicap I moved from the 410 to 425 LST 9• and my number changed pretty significantly. Super consistent and straight to little fade. Increased BS and distance 15-20%..such a great club

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