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CLEVELAND HB LAUNCHER DRIVER reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional. Mark hits the new driver from Cleveland golf and talks about this new driver with Hi Bore design. See the dry and on course performance of this driver that comes at a lower price point golf golfers who want to save some money.

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Nich Byers says:

I'm certainly giving it a go, i'm in the market for a new Driver

Victor Rodriguez Sr says:

Mark, did you use Srixon balls?

Jon Stout says:

I personally like the simplicity of the driver. My favorite Callaway is a non-adjustable model from 2010. Every driver I've tried with changeable lofts, lies and weights has disappointed me. I'll definitely be looking for a chance to hit the new Launcher.

Marty W says:

I have played with Cleveland drivers over the years and have enjoyed them. Will pass on this one as I don't need a draw bias driver. Hooking is not a problem for me.

Turner Humphrey says:

Oh, you say Hch too! Lol.c

Al Garcia says:

I'm a 16 hdcp and I'm a pretty consistent hitter with my driver but I'd like to test this driver see if I could get a lil more yardage off it and possibly see how forgiving it is… But good review

Mark Kirk says:

I would try it, not being able to change it isn't a critical point for me, my callaway razor x black can't be changed and it does its job very well, until I find something so much better, then a different driver isn't an issue, however my wedges are showing signs of wear after 3 years of solid service so maybe a look at some Cleveland wedges might be in order, or moving to a hybrid and moving away from my beloved long irons, which I don't use so much because my driver is so consistent

Douglas Prechtel says:

Definitely would try it. Like you said in previous videos, your fitter is going to fit you correctly whether or not there is changeability in the club. You are not going to be playing around with the changeability once you get fit. I don't really care about what name is on the club if it works.

Mud Max Metal Detecting says:

Cleveland.  Just so good and so underestimated.

Rob Brown says:

I would try it at the price point but I doubt I will be leaving Cobra anytime soon.

Dustin Balcaen says:

Loving this driver,very easy to hit and longgg!

T.A. Fossett says:

I've long been a Cleveland fan… still play and love my 588 20.5 hybrid! I'd absolutely give this a go… Driver is the weak part of my game and adjustable bits and bobs doesn't help with my crap strike, so if this driver inspires confidence as I work through the my swing, then I'm all in. Love the vid's Bruh… keep it up!!!!

hawjsta says:

I dont care how they look, as long as they work for you.

raymond hill says:

Send it to me Mark, I'll try it.

Paul Houghton says:

I use the Cobra Max which I would think is the launchers nearest competitor, both great clubs for accuracy & dispersion.

Darren Storey says:

great review mark not our keen on the looks of these irons or the driver but one would try before knocking them

sehnaz1 says:

I hate a club face that sits left with draw bias.

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