Meandmygolf show how changing your golf stance can help improve your ball striking and leading to a better contact with ball

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  1. I'm finding that it's helping to square my shoulders, which tend to be open when I set up with my lower body square to the target line. With a closed stance, I hit more solid shots and fewer unintentional push/fade shots.

  2. It’s a bad idea overall. It can potentially cause you to draw the ball too much. I did this and it took me a while to get back to proper allignment and hit the ball straight.

  3. Hogan did this BUT right foot square, left foot a quarter turn open – that provides resistance on the backswing and allows you to complete the follow through. I would take that over the way you showed on the video. Any thoughts?

  4. I was told to do this by my Golf Pro and for some reason I stopped doing it.. Just reverted back and I am hitting pure wedges and 9 iron again. I am assuming it will work with hybrids and 3 wood as well.

  5. The closed stance has helped my golf game tremendously. I have always been a little over the top so this stance has helped me get on plane. Hitting a 5 yard draw now with all clubs giving me significant more distance as well. I am 58 with 10 handicap.

  6. Old video but might be the answers to my woes. I have a hook and occasionally a sh***. It's caused from getting the club under the plane as I swing down. Opening my stance actually makes it worse in my case because my path to the right is greater than the clubface (if that makes sense?) the club gets stuck half the time and I have to compensate to save it. So in my case, even though I'm not over the top, closing up a little might get my arms in front and get me swinging more left which I struggle with big time. Am I completely wrong?

  7. Never in a million years did I believe this. Only pga pro tester day at the range had me doing this after slicing a sand wedge Lolol. Had me put ball foward, open stance, chase the ball. He sayed don’t change your swing it’s your swing change the ball. Mind blown ?. Litterally 2 balls later I was hitting straight. 9-3iron. We did drill with various irons. All for free just to prove the point. After the fact he went into details. Said most people get hung up on what they are suppose to do and forget to hit the ball….immediately stoped blocking, allowed me to turn /rotate the hips. Full swing. All with out thinking about it. Golf is 95 % mental and 5 % skill. You have to master your mind before u can incorporate skill

  8. Read through the comments and you do not address viewers' questions of shoulder alignment with a closed stance. It is not address in your video either. A better explanation of how to take a closed stance is needed; especially, how it affect your shoulders and hip alignment. Appreciate a reply which will aid all viewers. Thx. Tom

  9. Am assuming that the feet are closed but the shoulders and club face are square to the target. Or is the feet and shoulders closed and the club face square to target.

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  11. Will try this next game i play , as due to previous sporting injurys in my younger years i now suffer with my hips and back , so im finding iron shots are very inconsistent due to lack of rotation. Thanks great vid

  12. Setting up closed to hit iron shots is, hands-down, the most effective change I have ever made in my game. Everything leads on from it- good repeatable swing plane, better sense of rhythm, and the best contact I've ever made with the ball. I actually look forward to hitting long iron shots now whereas before I would kind of dread them.

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