Coach's Quick Tip – Women's Golf – Putting

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Hill Picon says:

Proper golf swings have to do with understanding how and why they are performed and those things are present in golf swing techniques “Jοmtοzο kaha” (Google it). My irons improved Fifteen yards and my driver raised 25 after I completed reading the tutorial for the 2nd time. Due to these developments, I am more confident and I am having more excitement with golf. .

Camore M says:

After reading these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοzο kaha” (Google it) and practicing the drills as I read, I went out and shot a 73. Another accomplishment I have made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other 5 holes, I missed the green by an average 5 to 10 yards. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s all the time. It has been actually a long time since I made an excellent round.

ITubaUTuba says:

Put the ball 10'+ away from the hole and a woman won't drain it.  Their putting sucks.

ECWnWWF says:

what about reading the green? 

Mahavishnu80 says:

terrible form

deemsum says:

Camera guy didn't even show her shoulders/form when putting..

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