Cutting Motion Vs. Pro Swing

Swinging the club with proper club head lag, power, and body rotation into impact for solid powerful golf shots.

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10 thoughts on “Cutting Motion Vs. Pro Swing

  1. The problem with golfers is they think they should swing the club to the right as a right hander… that’s an illusion the truth is you pull completely away from the ball Behind you I’m not gonna keep giving you guys free information

  2. Nothing wrong with lifting the arms. Dropping the right shoulder is not necessary and adds excess tilt. Just drop the arms from the shoulder joint.

  3. Hi Kerrod, I've been finding your videos incredibly useful. Thank you. I was also wondering if you could kindly produce a video on lateral head movement? I find that more the lateral head movement, it's easier for me to have full shoulder turn but at the same time it can feel like I lose balance or feel too many moving parts at impact. If I don't try to have any head movement, everything feel really stretched and "uncomfortable". Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

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