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It is the dream of every golfer to shape shots on command and Rory is here to help in this episode to show you how to hit a high fade. In 9 Shots with Rory presented by WHOOP, Host Martin Hall and Rory McIlroy break down the keys to hitting every shot from the low draw to the high fade and everything in between.

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Matthew Gart says:

This is great!

JB Golf says:

Golf channel is killing It. A video with Rory gets 7 comments. Now 8 with mines 😂 LIV golf is gonna crush yall.

Pete Galindez says:

We know Rory is awesome, but Martin, dude! You are right in shank territory!! I don’t trust anyone that much! LOL…

Phil dark says:

Thanks Rory & Martin.

Drew Southerland says:

160k views and only 3 comments (4 now)… I don’t think I have ever seen ratios that big before… don’t know why it matters but I noticed it and thought it was interesting and wanting to mention it….

vinceo2b says:

Rory is good person as well as a great golfer

Wilson Hung says:

Rory is one of the best in golf.

Ryan Hinson says:

Agree with the tracer more tracers every shot

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