DGTV – Golf Grip Training Aid

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mike carver says:

To bad they don't care about lefties!!!

KMKM2002 says:

The grip is absolutely great… Hit the ball so cleanly and swing feels like an actual golf swing with it. Problem is when I take it off after using it a while, feels impossible to hit with the club without it.

Mike Mc says:

when he put the item on the club and then placed his hands on the device did anybody else notice how the v on the right hand was pointing at his nose ie very strong grip. isn't the v on the right hand supposed to point at the right shoulder…Just sayin.

Mike Piepenbroek says:

Where can i get a left handed one???

Gordon Grayson says:

I could not cope with the shame of such an aid.

Brad Wages says:

Where can I get this in a LEFT handed version?

Rudy Amid says:

Where can I buy this in the US? The link provided is not working.

Rob Atkinson says:

i use this,and it really works…i play off 9,so its not just for high hcp…very good to keep going back too.

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