DGTV – Golf Grip Training Aid

Getting the perfect grip is the basis to any golf swing. The Golf-Grip Training Aid allows you to not only work on your grip but it also helps your alignment, accuracy, distance and control for the ultimate all round performance! Click here to view more details – http://www.direct-golf.co.uk/golf_accessories/golf-grip/swing_aids_grip_training_aid/p14858.aspx

8 thoughts on “DGTV – Golf Grip Training Aid

  1. The grip is absolutely great… Hit the ball so cleanly and swing feels like an actual golf swing with it. Problem is when I take it off after using it a while, feels impossible to hit with the club without it.

  2. when he put the item on the club and then placed his hands on the device did anybody else notice how the v on the right hand was pointing at his nose ie very strong grip. isn't the v on the right hand supposed to point at the right shoulder…Just sayin.

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