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► In this video, Neil Tappin takes a look at how to avoid these 6 golf gear disasters. This are errors most golfers have made at some point and they range from bigger issues relating to your clubs to the annoying avoidable ones that relate to the other things you carry. Hopefully this video gives you an idea of some of the pitfalls and how to avoid them when it comes to the golf gear you carry with you!

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Alec Mcjarison says:

Bottom line is if you suck, anything you try or buy won't help whatsoever if you don't get out there and practice almost everyday

A B says:

Do not go to a big golf store. Find a locally owned store where you can talk to the owner. If you live in the Bay Area, go to alameda golf works.

Carlos alem says:

buenas la verdad increible video me gusto deseo el nuevo grabación los dejo les envio cariños muchas gracias

Aaron sky says:

Do people really buy custom fitted clubs ? And doesn't it cost a bomb ?

Serenity in silence says:

I carry an old callaway big Bertha heavenwood. It gets used way more than my 3 Wood for those long par 5’s.

Michael Britton says:

The average working class golfer probably can't afford a range finder good old fashion judgement comes in how do you custom fit 20 year old clubs

Alan Terry says:

BobLov golf rangefinders have a rechargeable battery. Just as accurate as the top brands.

Gimbal Golf says:

My biggest issue was being custom fit for Edel wedges indoors, they skid off the mat an give a false sense of effectiveness, result £600 worth (3 wedges) which do not work on the course due to ground conditions. Biggest most costly mistake i have ever made, Edel say the wedges are designed to work with natural tendencies, they dont. Answer, always get fit outdoors off turf where possible and dont believe the Edel hype. ON a positive note, their putter fitting system is outstanding and my custom build E1 is a stunning piece of equipment and is by far the best £400 i have ever spent, more so than a driver that costs the same but gets hit at most 14 times a round.

Ian Phipps says:

8 pints & a vindaloo the previous night was one of my golf disasters. Forgot to put bog roll in the bag.

Daniel Shortall says:

Just wasted 8 mins of my life 🙄🙄🙄

Dave Beckett says:

Also make sure if you use a 3 wood and a 5 wood make sure they are the same manufacturer it gives you a constant feel.

rindjint says:

If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit…

Abby Adams says:

Where are the DISASTERS? These are merely not being properly prepared before you go play golf.

Colin Currie says:

Thought all the courses were closed?

Ponnappa Ganapathy says:

Taking too long to drop my long irons. And carrying clubs that I never play. I now have 11 clubs in my bag. Am looking to add only one more club now

Sullyguy says:

After each round I put a couple of clean golf balls in my glove – helps the glove dry out quicker

S C says:

Solution –
6 – download free apps ‘GolfShot ‘ on your phone as backup for your yardages

5 – Buy leather cleaner MOTUL Leather suit cleaner to cleaning any leather without slippery feels

4 – Buy Hydroponic sprays to spray on bags , shoes and clothing become waterproof effects for more easy to clean and dry all time .

3 – Your personal reference .

2 – Your budget & Your reference on difference golf course .

1 – Same your personal reference and budget as well

Can’t wait for Lockdown finish and go out play golf ⛳️ 🏌️‍♂️

Mike Lytwyn says:

What loft did you end up with on your fairway wood Neil?

Alan Pibworth says:

Not having a spare battery for your range finder is not a disaster. There are loads of yardage indicators on a golf course.
As stated the average handicap is 15. Therefore most golfers can’t hit a club the same distance every time.
With an average handicap of 15 the most important thing is making sure you have enough balls in the bag.

CreepinTrex says:

Higher lofted woods are such a help. I spent too long on too many 3 woods thinking well everyone has one it's just a hard club I'll get it. Went and got fit and even when I was nailing a 3W about (1/8 attempts) I was only beating the 5W by 15-20 yards. When 6/10 times I nailed the 5W. Good tip sir!

Leslie Hines says:

good video. Can absolutely agree with the fairway wood comments. Switched up to a 5 wood and hit it more consistently and actually further than the 3 wood it replaced!

Freddy Bee says:

Mistake nr 7: Golf Towel on the ground 😄

Thanks for the vid!

Robin McGregor says:

Enjoyed the vid not a lot of rain in oz but when it does its easy to get caught out so i have a small tea towel sized towel in a plastic bag in the bag life saver, I think taking fruit or something to eat is important for a good round as well. Thanks Rob

Paul Thomson says:

range finders should be banned

LE GEND says:

Good video Neil, thank you. I do carry an extra battery in my bag in addition to these items as well:
I have an extra pair of shoelaces in my bag, they literally weigh nothing and take up no space but could really come in handy for you or a playing partner.
Living in south Florida we also carry sunblock/sunscreen. Skin health is extremely important and you must protect yourself. The travel size bottles of those items fit nicely in the bag. Lastly I also carry a travel bottle of ibuprofen for those times when body aches creep in sometimes before, during or after a round lol.

Sp!cyman says:

Some bunker shot 👍

Kevin Shiel says:

stiffness has nothing to do with shot direction – WOW and at #1 wow thumbs down for me.

Kevin Shiel says:

how many takes did the bunker shot take?

Robert Graham says:

Got 3 spare battery.s for my bushnell .had it a year not needed one yet .you want one neil

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