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22 thoughts on “Direct the forces w this Unique Training Aid, Dan Martin, PGA | GOLF

  1. Most things you try to do during your swing mess it up. We watch the still pictures of top tour pros and go about trying to achieve those positions in the wrong way. Great teacher

  2. This is brilliant. Thanks Brendon for finding this guy for me. That aside, I think you still need improvement on that first "sit" move. It should be a little faster and needs a sudden subtle "break"…. I don't like your initial "stretching" of the left arm. It's easier than that. But I think you already know this…

  3. There was trick shot artist in the 1930s to 1980s who called himself “Count Yogi’ One of his tricks was hitting perfect golf shots with a club consisting of grip and head connected with a linked chain. Not only did he get the kinetic sequence perfect he also kept the club face aligned perfectly at impact by starting the backswing with the dragging action which commonly used back in the early 1900s to counteract how the club head mass attached at the heel would twist hickory shafts like a swinging gate open in the backswing then slamming shut when lag released before impact. Count Yogi realized substituting the chain but keeping taut with momentum and seamless transition at the top to the opposite direction with no slack in the chain would keep the toe and face aligned with the swing plane predictably.

    George Peper the former editor of Golf Digest featured him as the last chapter in his great book ‘Th e Secret of Golf’ titling the chapter about him ‘The World’s Greatest Golfer You’ve Never Heard Of” I read about ten years ago. There are videos of him here on YouTube. After reading the book I remembered seeing him on TV as a kid in the 1960s swinging the chain club. I decided to try to mimic and perfect his unorthodox swing style using regular clubs keeping the chain club concepts in mind and discovered the things you teach .

  4. This is the same concept as Malaska's , just being conveyed differently. Malaska says Nicklaus always talked about releasing the club early. But the golf world took that as casting which he wasn't, he was redirecting momentum as Malaska terms it. If you watch how Brendan learns to get the Pro to go he has to "cast or release it early" by pushing his hands out. This is a perfect visual of what Nicklaus meant by release and Malaska means by redirecting momentum.

  5. Watch particular what happens around 8:45 in the video as Dan tries to get Brendon not to pull the handle down but to move his hands “outward” from the top to create that “orbit” Dan is talking about. This outward movement of the hands is exactly as described by Ben Hogan as how he initiates his downswing: “I feel like I’m taking an arrow out of a quiver.” So, imagine you have a quiver of arrows across your back like Robin Hood and you reach up with your right hand for an arrow. You wouldn’t pull straight down because the arrow wouldn’t come out, it would get hung up. You’d pull up and outward (and backward along the target line) so the arrow would clear the quiver. Another way to think of it: if Brendon’s head is at 12 o’clock, he moves hands NOT toward 6 or 7 o’clock as he begins his downswing but toward 11 o’clock. That’s the “outward” Dan is talking about and demonstrates. HEY: I just watched a little further into the video and sure enough(!) Brendon quotes Mike Malaska as using the arrow out of the quiver metaphor! Well, Malaska didn’t originate that: it was Hogan.

  6. I've been a subscriber for over a year. This is the first time I have seen a substantial change in your swing. Dan Martin is a great teacher. Take a look at Zen golf on YouTube.

  7. Its swinging horizontal but with your body tilted and having the club swing and pull outward away from your body. So its more of a swinging with long arms feeling. It seems like you would have less force towards the target but actually you transfer more momentum out to the clubhead, whereas in baseball you dont hit the ball off the end of the bat, the sweetspot is well inside the end of the bat. So in golf you are a lot more extended and swinging than in baseball you are using more leverage straight forward. your right arm feels extended but if you saw it on video it would still be bent at impact but not as much as in a baseball swing.

  8. Wish I would’ve paid attention to this video sooner. I think I finally just leaned how to transfer energy to the club head after 5 years of yanking the handle around. Freakin brilliant

  9. Love all these videos but do you ever get confused with all these different teachers? One is telling you to use your hands (AJ) and this guy is telling you not to lol

  10. Heard somewhere that there are different types of wrist torque forces. Alpha, Beta, and gamma? Pure uncocking is alpha, the push pull you demonstrate is beta, wrists torquing the club out. Dan only shows alpha and you beta. What’s strange is alpha torque turns into beta torque later in the downswing when you flip! I think I’ve been doing both at varying degrees for 40 years! Guess I’m pretty good at compensating, not swinging…?

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