Do this for 5 minutes & It will IMPROVE your golf swing – GUARANTEED!

Have you ever been at the driving range or on the golf course with so many swing thoughts and ideas that you just don't know where to start?

All you want to do is strike your irons a little better and stop slicing and/or hooking the driver.

Well this week I was hitting a few golf balls myself on the range when a subscriber to the channel approached me wanting to book a golf lesson. As I had a spare few minutes I thought I'd give him a little help.

What you will learn in todays golf lesson is how using some simple props you will find at most driving ranges you can very quickly improve your golf swing.

In fact in just 5 minutes with this gentleman (sorry I didn't get his name) he went from striking the golf ball poorly with a big slice to literally hitting the ball straight with the occasional draw.

Now I'm not saying this will happen to every golfer but what made this so good for him was it cleared his mind of 101 swing thoughts and provided him with something he could see and feel.

Things like this when you find them can literally be a game changer for your golf swing.

I guarantee you will begin to see and feel improvement in your golf swing and your overall golf game.

Here's the practice plan and summary of this weeks lesson

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Thanks for stopping by. I created this website as a resource just for you to support you on your golfing journey as I know how tricky learning this game can be…to say the least!

I personally found learning the game too long and difficult in the early days. I read all the books, watched all the videos but my game was not improving. Then after studying various forms of neuro science, motor learning, psychology and personal development in less than two years I went from struggling golfer to the final stage of the Open Championship.

On YouTube and my personal website ( I will bring you the most up to date training, training that is getting tangible results for my clients right now. I don’t know where you are in your golfing journey, you could be just starting out or maybe your body isn’t as flexible as it once was or you’ve got ambitions to slash your handicap. Wherever you are I’ve created a place here you can learn, share your ideas, ask questions and get all the support you need to enjoy this great game.

Be prepared though. If its a quick fix you are after Im not your man. Here I will give you step-by-step advice that you can take straight to the practice ground and apply to the course but it will require you to get stuck in, screw up…a lot, practice some more and then watch those scores tumble

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching thousands of students all around the world and if you are up for the challenge and are ready to get in the game…LETS GO TO WORK!


This golf lesson provides a couple of wonderful drills to help you hit your driver straight.If you are a beginner golfer and are looking for some golf driver tips that are simple and easy to do then you are going to love this.

I will show you the golf swing slow motion so that you can see what you need to do to improve.

We look at 3 things:

1. How to stop slicing your driver
2. How to swing more in to out or how to swing more inside out
3, How to get the correct impact position with driver

and I hope to do all this with simple golf tips so you can create an effortless golf swing

Hope you enjoy

12 thoughts on “Do this for 5 minutes & It will IMPROVE your golf swing – GUARANTEED!

  1. I want to take lessons so bad. But I can’t afford it. Most instructors in my area charge on average 200 per hour. I know there are many people out there who say so what. But that’s a lot to me. 200 dollars or 200 pounds.

  2. Great lesson ? i find it so hard or impossible even to get the second part of the arc! My club feels like it goes towards the target rather than exiting left. Can anyone help me with this?

  3. I appreciate your pointers but I don't care what someone else did and how you helped them. You could delete the beginning part and just get to it, Thanks

  4. wow. teaching the draw and the fade in about 6 minutes. I couldnt get away from the draw after I killed my slice. now I can go back and forth. on the first swing after watching I hit a fade that worked nicely. such a simple concept. thanks, again, Danny.

  5. Danny I have a shorter backswing. Can I employ these tips to my swing? Every time I try to lengthen my swing I lose timing. I am fine with the length of my swing, I work on my strike. I have been scooping the ball for years

  6. Played during the week and was partnered by a club member. In between shots we compared notes and it wasn't too long before the name Danny Maude entered the conversation. We both follow your channel religiously and have taken valuable advise from you. The number of times I checked myself before teeing off or playing my short game and telling myself 'remember what Danny does' helped me tremendously. Thank you Danny, Stay well

  7. Hi danny.just a thank you from 75year old with arthritis all over but still a golf nut. Ure videos and lessons are a joy to watch and so easy to understand and follow I've not had a round of golf for18 months ime taking my clubs on a holiday to cyprus.all thanks to your teachings thank you so much

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