Never Let Your Left Leg Do This in the Golf Swing

This video is all about a mistake in the backswing that you need to avoid.

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10 thoughts on “Never Let Your Left Leg Do This in the Golf Swing

  1. Watch tour players. They do almost the opposite of what you’re saying. You get way too far behind it and on the outside of the right foot doing it your way. Trust me I know I did your way for years.

  2. Thank you Russell, this is the missing piece of the puzzle for me. Have always thought I should be bending the knee forward to get more rotation and got frustrated when I still move forward and didn’t understandTried the knee as suggested and have never hit it better and lower body stays back.

  3. Or… this is a “fault” its a result of bad teaching? MAYBE try lifting your left heel like all the old greats? Then you’ll get an incredible hip turn and like magic, no back pain…?

  4. Realize that I'm a bit of an all-together-swinger. Great stuff. Think this also sometimes causes instability and too much lateral movement. Thanks for sharing.

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