DON'T buy new GOLF CLUBS until you watch this! Simple Golf Tips

DON'T buy new GOLF CLUBS until you watch this! Simple Golf Tips

Buying golf clubs is a great part of the hobby of golf and when you buy a shiny new golf club you get a great feeling! Do you find that the love affair you have with your new golf club doesn't last long and your buying a new one to try and get the magic back? In this golf lesson Matt Fryer Golf, discusses the 3 most common mistakes when buying new golf clubs. If you are buying new golf clubs make sure you are buying them for the right reason and buying the golf club that is best for you and your golf game.

This video is a guide to hopefully stop you wasting money and making informed golf club purchases. That being said if you enjoy buying clubs simply because you like them and enjoy it, that is okay too, just except that you'll probably be chopping and changing a lot.

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25 thoughts on “DON'T buy new GOLF CLUBS until you watch this! Simple Golf Tips

  1. Hi Matt, I have just returned to playing golf again at the age of 69, but as I am a short guy (5'7" with small hands ) am I better switching to a set of ladies clubs?

  2. I had wilson ultra set given to me bag and all and there not bad but I can feel the cheapness. Every set I find ends up being almost a grand I dont want to spend thst much

  3. I bought Cobra 3 and 4 fairway metal woods and could not hit them consistently. I replaced them with 3 and 4 hybrids (Taylor Made) and hit them with more distance and accuracy. I'm converting my bag to more of an older man set and finding more fun now at 73 years old.

  4. Excellent vlog Matt and great tips for club buying.
    My worst ever buy was getting a Wilson #1 iron years ago. Would have been better using it as a poker for a big coal fire.

  5. My Ping clubs are about 6 years old, I prefer to take lessons to improve my skills, most people will get more from lessons than a new driver at £400.

  6. There are car collectors, stamp, coin, yada yada ! I appreciate a nice car ['19 Mustang GT w/pp1] a nice truck ['17 F150 Platinum] etc.
    Comes to golf clubs Wow, I by what i want Trim drivers to 44.5 inches, swing-weight all to approx D3 – D4 then add Mid-size or Oversize quality grip. Too many folks figure they need match brands on Woods & Irons.
    On getting fitted ,if you can't know what specs you need the get fitted, but beware some push clubs to benefit themselves.

  7. I went through my entire bag last year, started taking some lessons, got fit and replaced the whole set from driver to putter. The clubs I had previously I had bought at a yard sale were manufactured in the mid ‘90s so new technology would be a benefit. However, I will say the feel of the new clubs are amazing in comparison, but the bad shots still come to visit occasionally so new clubs don’t fix anything when your mechanics are incorrect.

  8. Great advice Matt but not 100% sure about buying clubs to sort out the problem statement. Some people, no matter how much coaching, will struggle and there are clubs to help. If everyone could be taught that way, there would be no long putters and Phil Mickelson wouldn't of carried 2 drivers for a bit of his career. I carry a callaway sureout 58 sandwedge. Helped me no end. Wonder what your thoughts are.?

  9. Do irons actually get better? It seems that manufacturers just adjust the lofts to “add” distance. The good players I know have blades that are many years old and they won’t change them.

  10. Good advice it's taken years to get the clubs for me,and have fallen in to the traps your on about,get fitted get the right advice

  11. Is hitting my ping g2 driver 200 yards carry reasonable im 58 years old and a 19 handicap keep thinking a more modern model may help me

  12. My clubs are older then me and I’m 23 years old I been really getting into golf recently and been loving it. There are no fitters open because of the virus but I want to buy a wood or a hybrid because my bag doesn’t have one. Fitting sounds like a good idea but it isn’t available. Do you think i would be ok with buying one online with the research I have done or should I wait?

  13. 50’ wedge – just never used it. Preferred to use PW then progress to sand wedge and then LW. Sold it to golf bidder in immaculate condition

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