EVERY GOLFER SHOULD USE THESE….My 3 Must have Training Aids – Simple Golf Tips

I USE THESE ALL THE TIME….My 3 Must have Training Aids – Simple Golf Tips

These are Matt Fryer Golfs most used training aids. If you are a student of Matt Fryer Golfs or have watched the channel over the years, you will of seen at least one of these golf training aids been used in a video. Matt Fryer Golf takes you through his 3 most used golf training aids and gives you a drill for each one.

A lot of golfers have these golf training aids but don't make the most out of them. By watching this video you can put your golf training aids to good use, or find one that could help you improve your golf swing.

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Hi I’m Matt Fryer, welcome to my channel MattFryerGolf. This YouTube channel is to help you play better golf and love the game even more!

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I will also help you lower your score by giving you plans and tips on managing your game out on the golf course, with course vlogs and golf course scenarios, so you know exactly what to do you find yourself in a tricky situation.

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11 thoughts on “EVERY GOLFER SHOULD USE THESE….My 3 Must have Training Aids – Simple Golf Tips

  1. Don't forget to end your swing with the wrist hinge aid laying on your opposite arm. It's recommended for a solid plane followthrough.

  2. The best part about the sticks is most hardware stores carry them and they’re very cheap. We use them in the winter to mark curbs for snow removal trucks and in the spring for golf. Don’t need to pay the extra money to get them from a golf shop.

  3. All golf instruction video's these days are 1.5 mins intro blah blah…then a simple concept that can explain in 2 or 3 sentences repeated ad nauseum over and over so it looks like there's a lot of complicated content

  4. Correct golf swings have to do with understanding how and why they are performed and those things are present in golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). I have read the book two times and made 15 yards more on all irons, Twenty five more on my driver. My satisfaction of golf has doubled and my confidence has increased..

  5. I was able to get a 73-point shot after reading, exercising, and doing the methods found in golf swing secrets , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it). Another accomplishment I`ve made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost hit the green with a distance of Five to ten yards on the other 5 holes. My handicap is a nine so I do not sho ot 73s at all times. When I think it over, I haven’t experienced an outstanding round for a long period.

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