F1 Fantasy 2023 | Team Selection – Race Week 20

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In this video, I talk through my team selection and transfer plans ahead of the US GP.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Race Week 19 COTA Review
5:24 Race Week 20 Mexico Team Selection

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MacApple21 says:

My team has remained almost unchanged since the Dutch GP (I’ve had SAI instead of RUS for a couple of GPs).
Teams: RB and McL.
Drivers: VER, NOR, PIA, RUS, TSU
Current points: 5.476
Rank: 3483.
Score in last race was 318 no chips activated. Only disappointment was Piastri.

andrew linaker says:

Loving the Lewis idea (despite being a Ferrari fan). My build would be Max, Lewis, Lando, but then cap limitations mean Danny Ric and Zhou. RB and MCL are the constructors.

Thinking ahead like you say means swapping Sainz and Tsunoda for Lewis and Danny Ric.


Daniel Gross says:

You hate to see it 😢 #plankgate

Gonçalo Serradas says:

Who would you rather have for Mexico – Zhou or Ricciardo? Not thinking about budget

LeapsFrog says:

The last build is interesting as someone with Autopilot and Wildcard. Getting Hamliton in is helpful for preparing for Brazil and gives me room to do something different in Las Vegas. I am pretty bullish on Aston Martin for Mexico as they had decent race pace at COTA and Mexico is a track they should do better at.

agbates says:

Limitless was very unlucky for sure. I'm interested in the decision making process i.e. why people thought it was a good race to play it. McLaren looked fine in practice so why was limitless the idea? Add opposed to Brazil where Merc are strong I mean. As I say, unlucky though.

Michael Fierman says:

You guys took a beating for sure and my Hamilton autopilot gambit didn't work out to say the least, My big question i'm wrestling with is to possibly keep him for the rest of the season. Who will score more points: HAM /ALB or PIA/ SAI ( RUS PER) ? I'll be using limitless for Brazil and have him anyway, but it could pay off in the long run.

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